why aren't viruses considered living things?


Answer 1


because they are microscopic organism

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what are the cells labelled B called?
and how do root hair cells differ from the cells labelled B​



The cells labeled B are called the "photosynthetic parenchyma"


the root hair cells differ from the photosynthetic parenchyma only by its function

no chloroplasts / chlorophyll in (root hair cells) ;

root hair cells are not column shaped ;

(root hair cells) have long protrusion / extension / larger surface area ;

only bones form fossils

true or false

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No ! False ! The answer is false !

Imena is teaching her younger brother how to build a fire. As the fire sparks and starts to burn the kindling and wood in the fireplace, her
brother asks if the fire is alive because it is moving and growing. Imena tells her brother that the fire is not a living thing, and her brother asks
what makes something alive. What response does Imena give her brother?
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For something to be alive, it has to have essential characteristics. Some non-living elements share some of these characteristics with living things, but not all of them. That is what distinguishes one from the other.

The characteristics that all living things have are:

organization; sensitivity; growth; reproduction; homeostasis; and metabolism.

As regards organization, the minimum unit of life is the cell. For something to be a living thing, it has to be a cell or have multiple cells. They have organelles and organize to perform different actions.

The following characteristic is sensitivity, which means that the thing has to react to a stimulus by giving a response.

Living things grow. In other words, they increase in size thanks to the elements that they take from the exterior and process them taking what they need to grow. To do so, they use metabolism.

Metabolism is the combination of catabolism( the elements that the organism destroys) and anabolism( the elements that the organism builds). Metabolism is also essential for homeostasis. These are the different reactions that an organism has to have a balance.

The last essential characteristic is reproduction. Living things have to reproduce themselves, there are different methods, and they depend on the type of living thing that they are.

In conclusion, fire is not a living thing because it does not have cells that can have metabolism, sensitivity, homeostasis, and it can not reproduce itself.

A living thing has six main characteristics:

organization sensitivitygrowthreproduction homeostasis metabolism

Even though the fire seems like a living thing because it is consuming wood, making noises, and moving, as many living things do, it is not alive because it does not have cells. As it does not have cells, it can not have homeostasis, react to stimuli, or grow as cells do. It might look like a living thing, but it is not since it does not have the six characteristics that every living thing has.

Learn more about living things here:


Differentiate between tadpoles and frogs in two points​


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Tadpoles :                                                                                                                     1.Tadpoles have gills to aid breathing under water                                                         2.Tadpoles have tails and fins to help them swim                                                      3.Tadpoles have keratin like teeth called denticles                                                          4.Tadpoles live in water only                                                                                              5.Tadpoles have a two chambered heart                                                                           6.Tadpoles are herbivores                                                                                                 7.Tadpoles have a soft cartilage-like skull                                                                Frogs:                                                                                                                                      1.   Frogs have lungs to aid breathing under water                                                        2.Frogs have fore limbs (arms) and hind limbs (legs) to help them swim                      3.Frogs have tiny teeth on the upper and lower jaws                                                    4.Frogs live in both water and on land                                                                             5.Frogs have a three chambered heart                                                                                6.Frogs are carnivores                                                                                                         7.Frogs have a well-developed hardened skull

Name the process that plants and animals use to maintain an inner cellular environment stable





What is DNA barcoding?​



A DNA barcode is a short, standard gene segment of an organism that has been identified in a gene bank, used to identify unknown species by comparison with the DNA sequence of the gene bank. .

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1. Which of the following best describes the relationship between cells and living things in
A. The larger the living thing, the larger its cells
B. The larger the living thing, the greater number of cells it contains
C. The number of cells in all living things is the same
D. There is one kind of cell, which all living things are made of


I’m pretty sure it’s B.

Cyanobacteria and blue green algae are commonly called as nitrogen fixers.
They increase the fertility of soil. How do these nitrogen fixers increase the
soil fertility?
(a) The produce nitrogen gas that is released into the surrounding.
(b) They convert nitrogen gas present in the surrounding into compost.
(c) The fix atmospheric nitrogen to make nitrogen compounds in the soil.
(d) They decompose remains of plants and animals to produce nitrogen


they fix nitrogen into the soil to make nitrogen compounds

How does the environment influence the survival advantage/disadvantage of certain characteristics?



Many students believe that the physical characteristics of organisms change in response to changes in the environment in which the organisms live, and that these changes are passed on to future generations. For example, there is widespread belief that, over many generations, giraffes have gradually developed longer necks as they competed with other animals and each other to reach higher and higher leaves on trees for food.

Many students also believe that organisms can deliberately develop new traits in order to improve their chances of survival. As an example, students believe that moths with spotted wings are able to change the color and patterns on their wings so they are better camouflaged among tree trunks that may have become darker from pollution from industry. Many students also believe that repeated use of insecticides like DDT has meant present populations of insects have become


What is another word for gas






For the respiration in yeast cells lab with the bottles and balloons what would be a suitable conclusion for the lab?



[tex]4(x + 3) = 6(x + 1)[/tex]

Underground mining removes minerals from deep in the earth. Miners use blasting to separate the "waste" from the mineral deposit. Which statement best describes
an environmental consequence of this process?

O Underground mining activities often cause noise pollution

O Acid mine drainage kills plants and animals around the mine.

O High salinity of wastewater reduces soil fertility and vegetation

O Soil is removed by the force and pressure of the drilling process.



Acid mine drainage kills plants and animals


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The correct answer as to the environmental consequence of using blasting to separate wastes from mineral deposit is noise pollution. The statement that best describe the process, therefore, would be that underground mining activities often cause noise pollution.

Blasting simply means to break something apart or to blow up something. When blasting is associated with mining, it usually involves the use of explosives. These explosives make loud noise when they are used in blasting.

Hence, blasting can be said to be a source of noise pollution to those staying close to the mining area.

More about blasting can be found here: https://brainly.com/question/15084946

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1. 1000000 g
2. 62cm
3. ??
4. 8.45 ( not sure)
5. 0.825 m


1) 1000000g

2) 62 cm

3) 8.7535 daL

4) 8.5 L

5) 0.825 m

6) 8.54e-7 kL

7) 1000000mg

8) 85.4578 km

Explain why probiotics can be helpful to humans. Be sure to include a description of possible positive and negative effect of the use of antibiotics by humans.”



Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that helps keep your body healthy and working well. This good bacteria helps you in many ways, including fighting off bad bacteria when you have too much of it, helping you feel better. Probiotics are part of a larger picture concerning bacteria and your body (your microbiome).


safety laboratory rules​



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Know locations of laboratory safety showers, eyewashstations, and fire extinguishers. ...

Know emergency exit routes.

Avoid skin and eye contact with all chemicals.

Minimize all chemical exposures.

No horseplay will be tolerated.

Assume that all chemicals of unknown toxicity are highly toxic.


Rule #1 - WALK











One of the big ideas in science is that an experiment can be





it completes the sentence

other words can be : hard

and so on

the value of the coefficient of friction, the greater the
resistance to sliding.


the higher the value of the coefficient of friction the MORE the resistance to sliding

Cholesterol can also accumulate in the walls of the coronary arteries.
Explain the effect this might have​


A heart attack is most likely to occur
Cholesterol plaques can be the cause of heart disease. Plaques begin in artery walls and grow over years. The growth of cholesterol plaques slowly blocks blood flow in the arteries. Worse, a cholesterol plaque can rupture.

How does earthquake bring about change in the topography of the earth



Earthquake cause a massive impact like cracking the grounds and creating a big change in the map and the world

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Show the picture better for people to see


When a car drives down a street, what energy conversions are happening?
A. The stored energy of the gasoline is converted to the potential
energy of the car.
B. The kinetic energy of the gasoline is converted to heat and the
kinetic energy of the car.
C. The kinetic energy of the gasoline is converted to heat.
D. The potential energy of the gasoline is converted to heat and
kinetic energy



it is D


The gasoline fuel used inside the car has inherent potential energy in its molecules. When the car is started, this potential energy will be converted to heat energy. The heat energy will then be used to carry out mechanical works in the engine of the car, this makes the car to move forward.

What makes Earth unique among the terrestrial planets?

It is hotter than all of the other terrestrial planets.

It has a core that's made of iron.

It is home to a variety of life forms.

Its orbit around the Sun is roughly circular.


Answer: It is home to a variety of life forms.

Which would be considered a reliable source?(1 point)

an opinion column in your favorite magazine

an article from a scientific journal

a blog written by an anonymous author

a biology textbook from 1920


When looking for updated and reliable information, you always need to point to scientific journals, magazines, encyclopedias, or textbooks recently printed or published. In the exposed example, the most reliable source is an article from a scientific journal.  


When looking for updated and reliable information, you need to be careful with the source, authors, and publishment dates.

In general, scientific journals, magazines, encyclopedias, or textbooks are sources of reliable information. The material exposed on these sources has been previously checked and evaluated by a group of people trained and capable to do so. If your favorite magazine is not a scientific one, you should look for another source.

You also want to consider the authors. Some researchers are very well known, and their publications probably reflect years of investigation. By looking for these authors´ publications you will ensure a good source. You should use a blog written by a well-known author, but not a blog that is written by an anonymous one.

You also need to consider that your source should be recently printed or published. Science is very dynamic and continuously changes. Discoveries always replace old information. So when looking for a reliable source, you need to look for recent publications. A biology textbook from 1990, although it is a reliable source, it probably has old information.


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Both complex carbohydrates and lipids can provide energy to your body as they are broker
down. However, only carbohydrates are broken down into which of the following subunits?
A sugars
B amino acids
C nucleotides
D fats





Carbohydrates give the body energy to go about your day’s mental and physical tasks. Digesting or metabolizing carbohydrates breaks foods down into sugars, which are also called saccharides. These molecules begin digesting in the mouth and continue through the body to be used for anything from normal cell functioning to cell growth and repair

Both simple and complex carbohydrates break down into glucose (aka blood sugar). A simple carb is one that’s comprised of one or two sugar molecules, while a complex carb contains three or more sugar molecules.

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Cephalopods dwell in ___.


Answer: b. oceans

Cephalopods dwell in oceans




Largest gland in human body



Liver is the largest gland in human body.

The largest gland in the human body is the liver

Nitrogen fixing bacteria living in the roots of legumes to absorb sugars from them is an example of:
A. Commensalism
B. Predation
C. Parasitism
D. Mutualism


C. Parasitism

Because one individual is harmed while the other individual benefits.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria living in the roots of legumes to absorb sugars from them is an example of mutualism. The correct option is D.

What is mutualism?

Mutualism is an interaction between two organisms, in which both organism live together and help each other. In an ecosystem, different organisms live together as they affect the life of each other.

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are the bacteria that are present in the roots of legume plants, like cereal plants. They convert the nitrogen of the environment into nitrate in the soils.

So, living in the roots of the legume plants, they get nutrition from the roots, and they give atmospheric nitrogen to the soil, which increases the nutrition of the soil and the plants.

Thus, the correct option is D. Mutualism.

To learn more about mutualism, refer to the link:



Why are lysosomes important to the health of cells?


A lysosome is a membrane-bound cell organelle that contains digestive enzymes. ... They break down excess or worn-out cell parts. They may be used to destroy invading viruses and bacteria. If the cell is damaged beyond repair, lysosomes can help it to self-destruct in a process called programmed cell death, or apoptosis.

Lysosomes are organelle that is present in the cell. This organelle is present in both plant and animal cells, it is not limited to only plants, it can also be found in animals.

Lysosomes help to destroy or break down parts of the cell that are no longer useful or can no longer add any value to the build-up of the cell membrane.

When a cell is very old or when it can no longer function, a lysosomes can help to automatically destroy or get rid of the cell so it doesn't affect the normal of other cells

Please click on the link below for more information


Can someone please do my biology on acellus. I can’t understand it.


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A placebo is a fake treatment that mimics the experience of the experimental group.





Doctors (or scientists) usually use this to make sure people aren't lying about the experience.

For example, some people might expect that if they take ibuprofen or Tylenol, they won't feel as much pain, so they might make themselves believe that they aren't feeling said pain. If you use a placebo group, you are less likely to have situations like that occur, and so your data becomes more accurate.

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