who is better YNW Melly or Rod Wave?


Answer 1


YNW melly


he killed someone

Answer 2

Answer: YNM Melly


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I've already filled out the first few blanks, but I really need your help on the rest of this problem
Thank youu!




Part D

For d, the very first thing you need to do is figure out which one of the steps you are going to use. You have 2 in b^2 + 2, so even if b = 0 the two still matters. It means that you use f(x) = -x + 3 because that's what you use when you have 2 or above.

The second thing you have to realize is that f(x) = -x + 3 has the meaning of what ever you see on the left in the place of x, you put on the right wherever there is an x.

In this case f(b^2 + 2) = -b^2 - 2 + 3 = 1 - b^2

I'm not sure enough to give you an answer for the domain and range, not this time of night.

9514 1404 393


  a) 9

  b) 1

  c) -1

  d) -b² +1

  domain: (-∞, ∞)

  range: (-∞, 1] ∪ [3, ∞)


When you evaluate a piecewise function, the first step is to determine what piece is applicable. Then, you fill in the argument value and do the arithmetic.

a) -6 < 2, so the first piece applies. f(-6) = |-6| +3 = 9

b) 2 = 2, so the second piece applies. f(2) = -2 +3 = 1

c) 4 > 2, so the second piece applies. f(4) = -4 +3 = -1

d) b² +2 ≥ 2, so the second piece applies. f(b² +2) = -(b² +2) +3 = -b² +1


The function is defined for all values of x, so the domain is (-∞, ∞).

The minimum value of the first piece is +3. The maximum value of the second piece is f(2) = 1. So, values of y between 1 and 3 are not part of the range.

The range is (-∞, 1] ∪ [3, ∞).


Additional comment

The square of a real number can never be negative, so b²+2 cannot be less than 2.

Moana is a single taxpayer who operates a sole proprietorship. She expects her taxable income next year to be $250,000, of which $200,000 is attributed to her sole proprietorship. Moana is contemplating incorporating her sole proprietor-ship. Using the single individual tax brackets and the corporate tax brackets,find out how much current tax this strategy could save Moana (ignore any So-cial Security, Medicare, or self-employment tax issues). How much incomeshould be left in the corporation?



well, around atleast 100,000 to 150.000 including taxes of all kinds but of 250,000 i think around 200-175 k should be left , if not, more


In the term myoparwsis the suffix paresis mean




The whole word means slight muscle paralysis. Paresis has the meaning of slight + muscle

PLEASE Include the steps, I'm trying to learn this for a test next week
Question: Find an equation of the line that passes through the given points.


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I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody, too?
Then there’s a pair of us—don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know.

Which statement best explains the central idea of this stanza?

The poet has something to hide.
The poet identifies with private people.
The poet is afraid of authority figures.
The poet seeks fame and recognition.



The poet is afraid of authority figures.


The addition of the phrase "They'd banish us, you know" proves that the character is attempting to evade an authority that has the power to do so.

Answer: I think it should be, "The poet has something to hide."

Because he/she is hidding his/her identity by saying he/she is nobody. Then the poet is showing a panic behaviour which is often found when someone is lieing or hidding anything.

This also creates a sort of humour that the poet shows when he is messing around the person who has actually caught him sneeking around or doing something suspicous.

Also, banish is a word which is usually used during the king's and queen's rulling periods. That is what usually they would do in the historical times where a king or queen would banish someone if they had done a serious sin or upsetted anyone.

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