Which title best completes the partial outline?
- Natural barriers of large deserts protected it from invaders
-Predictable annual flooding of the Nile River left rich soil behind
-Pharaohs ruled as "king-gods”

Your answer:
a. The Development of the b. Ancient World
B. Civilization of Ancient Egypt
C. The Geography of Ancient Mesopotamia
D. Religion of the Indus River Valley


Answer 1


B. Civilization of Ancient Egypt


The natural barriers that protected Egypt from invasion were the Mediterranean Sea that borders the country to the north, the numerous rapids and waterfalls, known as cataracts, that formed the upper southern section of the Nile River, the expansive deserts to the east and west, and the massive Sahara Desert to the south.

From my own personal knowledge Egypt is very known to have rulers called "pharohs".

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what is History ? Your opinion that explains what history is to you.


History is to me is many events on a time line to lead to what we are now. History not only shows us how we got to where we are but it also explains and tells the story of others before us and their struggles it gives a sense of where we came from.

To me, history is a timeline where we came to know about the past. Even what happened one second before has become a part of history.

What are some ways to evaluate if a source is reliable, valid, and credible? List at least three criteria
in three sentences.


To determine whether a source is trustworthy, valid, and credible, one must consider several criteria.

What are some ways to evaluate if a source is reliable, valid, and credible?

These include the author's proficiency, the reputation of the source, as well as the precision and recency of the information delivered. In order to appraise the reliability of a piece of writing or research, it is necessary to first evaluate the writer's credentials and level of expertise in their related field.

Afterward, analyzing a source's historical background, prejudices or any possible competing interests that could have an effect on the accuracy of the information presented is essential. Lastly, contrasting the data with other recognized sources and verifying for outdated or incorrect details will help assess its credibility.

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What is the division of government between the states and the national government?


Answer: federalism


Power is divided between the national, state, and local government under a system known as federalism.

Do you know this it is for social studies


Evidence confirm a witness's story.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of history’s oldest surviving



The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the oldiest stories that has been written in the history of mankind; oldest preserved stories at least. It was written on clay tablets which are to some extent still preserved today. And this is a feat which has immeasurable value considering what we can learn from it.

Understand the 6 principles that limit the power of government found in the Constitution (Be able to
describe/explain each one):

Democracy -

Republicanism -

Federalism -

Separation of Powers -

Checks and Balances -

Individual Rights -



Democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

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g and if anything more than c, d, and f


compare and contrast the black plague and Corona​



The black plague killed more people than corona, there was not a vaccine for the black plague and there is one for corona, corona has a lower mortality rate than the black plague.


The black plague killed 1/3 of Europe while corona killed 1% of people who contracted the virus. Back when the plague was a thing, penicillin did not exist to stop the infection but today there are vaccines, the plague killed more people.

How did the government try to help provide jobs





judaism's emphasis on the worth of what, came from its teaching about moral freedom and responsibility?

A. the nation
B. the individual
C. religion
D. reason


The answer is B my friend :) enjoy

12. Sobre o processo de conquista da América espanhola, responda a

cruzadinha a seguir:

a) Qual expedição chegou a na América, em 1492?

b) Qual foi um dos meios que os espanhóis utilizaram para a

conquista da América espanhola?

c) Em várias partes da América, o que houve entre os nativos em busca da sobrevivência?

d) Quem eram os financiadores das expedições?

e) Além da resistência qual era a outra opção dos nativos em busca da sobrevivência?

f) A conquista da América foi um dos maiores empreendimentos realizados na história de qual país?

g) Qual era o outro nome que Colombo usa para as Ásia?

h) Quais eram as duas grandes civilizações que estavam nas terras que foram consideradas

espanholas pela Igreja?

i) Imposto cobrados pela Coroa, as expedições autorizadas, das riquezas obtidas durante a expedição?

j) Nos primeiros anos, em quais ilhas a colonização espanhola aconteceu?

k) Além da fundação de grandes portos o que mais foi fundado devido a exploração de metais na


l) Que tipo de mineração foi implantada?

m) Qual foi o maior nome na defesa dos índios contra a violência espanhola?

n) Oprimeiro conflito entre espanhóis e astecas que mataram dezenas de indígenas, foi marcado pela

invasão de um?

o) Para onde era levado os metais preciosos explorados na América?

p) Qual era o principal metal precioso explorado nas américas?

q) Qual império foi muito difícil e demorado a sua conquista por localizar-se nos Andes sul-americanos?

r) Além de ocupar o território americano os espanhóis também desenvolveram qual outro processo?

s) Qual língua era falada pelos Incas e continua sendo falada até hoje



on. , MAA, is,


AMERICA ,conquista ,

i don’t know the language your speeming sorry but good luck

How do the Appalachian Mountains influence the agricultural industry in Georgia?

A The mountains prevent warm air and precipitation traveling south from leaving the state, which increases agricultural production

B The mountains prevent warm air and precipitation traveling north from leaving the state, which increases agricultural production

C The mountains prevent warm air and precipitation traveling south from entering the rest of the state, which decreases agricultural production

D The mountains prevent warm air and precipitation traveling north from entering the rest of the state, which decreases agricultural production.



the answer is A; the mountains prevent warm air from leaving the state

The influence of the Appalachian Mountains is C The mountains prevent warm air and precipitation traveling south from entering the rest of the state, which decreases agricultural production

What are the Appalachian Mountains?

The Appalachian Mountains are a major barrier to weather systems moving south from the Gulf of Mexico. This means that the southern part of Georgia, which is located in the foothills of the mountains, receives less precipitation and has a shorter growing season than the northern part of the state.

This makes it more difficult to grow crops in the southern part of Georgia, and it also makes the area more susceptible to drought.

The mountains also prevent warm air from traveling south, which can lead to cooler temperatures in the southern part of Georgia. This can also make it more difficult to grow crops in the southern part of the state.

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Based on Prothero Hindu History Indus Valley Civilization (42-43). use approximately three or four
sentences to summarize the Aryan invasion thesis. This summary must be in your own words.


The Hindu History Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in the 1880s by by archaeologists. The first city that was discovered through excavation was Harappa, this is why it is also called the 'Harappan Civilization'.

The Indus Valley people produced tin, lead, copper, bronze, etc. They were also good builders.

According to the Aryan invasion thesis, which was posited during the colonial age by Western scholars,  it was stated that there were some people referred to as Aryan from Central Asia who displaced the indigenous Indus Valley Civilization.

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To what degree was communism a genuine threat to the interests and security of the United States in the early 1950s? Was the American reaction to this threat reasonable?



American leaders believed that the Soviets were determined to impose its beliefs and control on the rest of the world.

what happend on july 30, 1619​



The General Assembly was established by Gov. George Yeardley at Jamestown


Do you know this for social studies



having or revealing little emotion


tending to persuade by forcefulness of argument

Michael cut away 3.01 meters of rope.Before that he had 6 meters of rope.How much rope does Michael have left



Michael has 2.99 meters of rope left.


In order to solve this equation, we just need to subtract the meters of rope that Michael cut away, (3.01 meters), by the amount of rope that he had before (6 meters).

6.00 - 3.01 = 2.99 meters

Checking my answer:

3.01 + 2.99 = 6.00 or 6 meters

Therefore, Michael has 2.99 meters of rope left.

Hope this helps! :D

What is the approximate elevation in meters at the midpoint between El Paso and Port Arthur?

Please help I’m begging my first question!!!


it will bee 833 miles

Who was the first president to send US combat troops to fight in the Vietnam War?

Dwight Eisenhower

Lyndon Johnson

John Kennedy

Richard Nixon



C. Lyndon Johnson

The first president to send US combat troops to fight in the Vietnam War is Lyndon Johnson.

Who is Lyndon Johnson?

Lyndon Baines Johnson was an American politician and the 36th president of the United States from 1963 to 1969.

He was the one that send US combat troops to fight in the Vietnam War.

Learn more about Lyndon Johnson at:


13.The statements below are from three of the first amendments to the U.S.
"Congress shall make no law... prohibiting ... the right of the people ... to
petition the government for a redress of grievances."
- First Amendment
"[T]he right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"
-Second Amendment
"[No] cruel and unusual punishments (shall be] inflicted”
-Eighth Amendment
Which earlier document contained similar righty


Answer: C


The English Bill of Rights was believed to be an inspiration for the US Bill of Rights. They both promote the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and much more rights.

It could not be the Mayflower Compact since it was mostly an establishment of a government of the pilgrims who landed in Massachusetts. It was mostly temporary self-rule until their king established authority.

The Spirit of Laws mostly talked about how the government should divide its authority between branches. It was mostly about how a government should function.

The Magna Carta was mostly an agreement between nobles and King John on less exploitation of power. Although it did lessen the power of the king, it did not give much of the rights similar to the US Bill of Rights.

Who or what in your community do you want to help?


Homeless people, mom and dad

What is the name of the Eypgtian god sun ?



Ra is the name of the Eypgtain god sun.

Hope it helps you.


i think its Ra?


Which theme of geography studies how and why places are similar to other places?

human-environment interaction



A is answer.


A is answer.

The theme of geography that studies how and why places a similar is known as place. Option A is correct.

The theme of place gives a description of the physical features and the characteristics of locations that are shared or similar with other places.

Place also tells the different characteristics that exists between different places. It teaches about the human characteristics as well as the physical characteristics of an area.

These are all used to describe a place:


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Which Georgia region is the only region that has coal?

a-the Appalachian plateau
b-the valley and ridge region
c-the blue ridge mountains *
d-the upper coastal plain



Option A "the Appalachian plateau" is the correct answer.

In line-

Appalachian Plateau is the only region in Georgia that has coal.

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B democratic


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Why did Garrison write and present "No Compromise with the Evil of Slavery"?
A. To resolve the conflict over and swim in between the north and south
B. To advocate for the immediate abolition of all forms of enslavement
C. To warn that Americans religious leaders will be punished by god for allowing enslavement
D. To describe the economic benefits of the practice of enslavement



to argue that the practice of enslavement is morally and spiritually corrupt and must end


I took the test and this is my options answer.

Garrison write and present "No Compromise with the Evil of Slavery to advocate for the immediate abolition of all forms of enslavement .

What is slavery?

Slavery is an act that involves using an individual for hard work without any proper compensation such as salary.

Slaves are made to do all the hard labour and do not have freedom. The boss of the slave decides for him or her.

Therefore, Garrison write and present "No Compromise with the Evil of Slavery to advocate for the immediate abolition of all forms of enslavement.

Learn more on Garrison here,


What did the colonists need to do after they won their freedom from England



Form a government


After the colonists won their freedom they at start a government so they could have order

true or false
give answer





True coz man uses resources ti satisfy his work.


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In your opinion, are felling the cedar trees and killing Humbaba good or bad deeds? What does the poem say? Why do you think Enkidu must die instead of Gilgamesh?


The reason why Gilgamesh wanted to kill Humbaba was due to the fact that he wanted to cut down the cedar trees which were in the forest and protected by Humbaba.

I believe that the felling of the cedar trees and the killing Humbaba is a good deed since Humbaba is associated with evil and darkness and without killing him, the tree cannot be cut.

Enkidu had to die instead of Gilgamesh because the purpose of Enkidu was simply to remove the tyrannical rule that was over Uruk.

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Which of these events occurred as a result of racial discrimination?



Segregation, the civil rights movement, Boycott of the Montgomery bus system


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