which properties says that x+(y+3) =x(3+y)​


Answer 1


Commutative property

Step-by-step explanation:

addition is commutative for example 2+3=3+2

multiplication is also commutative 3*2=2×3

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Gwen is attending a school orchestra concert. She sees her math teacher seated 3 meters ahead of her and her science teacher seated 4 meters to her right. How far apart are the two teachers?


5 metres, using Pythagorean triples as one is infront one is to the right meaning the distance betweent them would create a triangle so u can calculate it to be 5

What is the slope of the line containing (–1, 8) and (3, –12)? A. 5 B. – C. –5 D.




Step-by-step explanation:

We can use the slope formula to find the slope

m = ( y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

     =(-12 -8)/(3 - -1)


   = -20/4

   = -5

Which of the following numbers is irrational?
OA) -7.8 repeating
OB) 25
OC) 25.8125
OD 0.025



The rest can be solved as rational. Negative numbers are not rational.


OA) -7.8 repeating... is irrational number

Step-by-step explanation:

I. Repeating Decimal is on of irrational number

II. Pie.value is also irrational number, but in computer science, we can find pie value with the quantum computer.

i did the first part already but i dont get the second one



c = 275n

Step-by-step explanation:

It's saying what is the rule, which would be 275 dollars per arce. Now, put that into an equation: c = 275n

what is the answer to 15 and 18? pls help it will mean a lot:)


Answer and Step-by-step explanation:

15.  [tex]-\frac{27}{20}[/tex] or [tex]-1\frac{7}{20}[/tex]

-1.35 = -135/100 = [tex]-1\frac{35}{100}[/tex]  (Mixed number)

Multiply the number by 100, then divide the number by 100 (but keep it in fraction form).

-1.35 x 100 = -135

[tex]-\frac{135}{100}[/tex] = [tex]-\frac{27}{20}[/tex]

(Mixed Fraction = . To check, multiply the 20 by the 1, then add 7, to get -27/20)

18. [tex]\frac{49}{11}[/tex] or [tex]4\frac{5}{11}[/tex]

4.45 = 49/11 = [tex]4\frac{5}{11}[/tex]


Multiply the number by 100 (because there is 2 numbers being repeated.


Now subtract by the original number.


-   4.4545....


Write this as an equation:

(100 x fraction) - fraction = 441           (100 x fraction) - fraction = 99 x fraction

99 x fraction = 441   (Divide both sides by 99)

fraction = [tex]\frac{441}{99}[/tex] (which simplifies down to [tex]\frac{49}{11}[/tex])

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Find the distance between the ponits.
(-3, -6) and (3, x6)

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Step-by-step explanation:

Hey there!

The given points are: (-3,-6) and (3,-6).

x 1 = -3 y1 = -6

x 2 = 3 y2 = -6

Use distance formula;

[tex]d = \sqrt{( {x2 - x1)}^{2} + ( {y2 - y1)}^{2} } [/tex]

Keep all the values;

[tex]d = \sqrt{( {3 - ( - 3))}^{2} + ( { - 6 - ( - 6))}^{2} } [/tex]


[tex]d = \sqrt{ {(6)}^{2} + {( - 6 + 6)}^{2} } [/tex]

[tex]d = \sqrt{ {(6)}^{2} } [/tex]

Therefore, the distance is 6 units.

Hope it helps!

Thomas has 3 boxes, each with 8 balls.
He wants to place the balls evenly into 4 boxes.

How many balls will be in each of the 4 boxes?


Answer: 6 balls will be in each of the 4 boxes.

Step-by-step explanation:

Multiply 3x8 to find out how many balls there are total.


Then to split them evenly, you divide by 4 (the amount of boxes they are split into)

24/4= 6

i can't answer this question for pre-algebra (9^3)6 =




Step-by-step explanation:

We know that a^b^c = a^(b*c)




admission to local art museum is $8 for each adult. How much does it cost for $4 adults to attend the museum


32 Dollars since 8 times 4 is 32



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To solve for WX, we have to find the length of the part of the line that isn't XY. Since we know the full length of the line, we subtract the length of XY from WY to get WX:



The length of WX is 10.4 centimeters.

I hope this was helpful, keep learning :D

Answer: WX = 10.4 cm


Here, we need to know the idea of the segment addition postulate.

The Segment Addition Postulate states that given 2 points A and C, a third point B lies on the line segment AC if and only if the distances between the points satisfy the equation AB + BC = AC.


Given information

XY = 89.6 cm

WY = 100 cm

Given expression deducted from the segment addition postulate

WX = WY - XY

Substitute values into the expression

WX = 100 - 89.6

Simplify by subtraction

WX = [tex]\boxed{10.4cm}[/tex]

Hope this helps!! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions

Many numbers in real life are very large or very small. For example the distance from the earth to the sun is about 93,000,000 miles and midth of human hair is about 0.007 cm.



yes, you are telling right.




8x - 4x + 12 - 6x - 15 - 6

Combine like terms

-2x - 9

If your equation is equal to zero then continue down.

-2x - 9 = 0

-2x = 9

x = -9/2

  = -4  1/2

the sum of three consecutive even integers


Answer:look below

Step-by-step explanation:Three consecutive even integers can be represented by x, x+2, x+4. The sum is 3x+6, which is equal to 108. Thus, 3x+6=108.

In 2015, 120000 people voted. The number of viewers who voted in 2015 was 20% more than those in 2014. Calculate the numbers of viewers who voted in 2014




120,000 people voted in 2015.

In 2015, 20% more people voted than 2014.


How many more people voted in 2015 = 20% of 120,000

= 24,000

Total number of people voted in 2014 = 120,000 - 24,000

= 96,000

Ans) 96,000 people voted in 2014.

Michael would like to build a fence around his paddock.
The diagram is not to scale.
Find a simplified expression for the perimeter of his paddock.



Step-by-step explanation:

Find the reciprocal of 2/5.
Use the / as the fraction bar.​




Step-by-step explanation:


the reciprocal is 5/2 hope this helps

Is the following number rational?


it is rational because you can express it as a fraction -19/100

x−8<−1 whats x

(this is for so it goes through: oogogogogogo boboboboboboboogoogbobgob)


add 8 to both sides

x - 8 + 8 < -1 + 8
x < 7

From the given figure, find the value of x and y:
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How to find the absolute value of |2x+3|=13



x=5 or x = -8

Step-by-step explanation:


There are two solutions to this problem, one positive and one negative

2x+3 =13   and 2x+3 = -13

Subtract 3 from all sides

2x+3-3 = 13-3     2x+3-3 = -13-3

2x = 10                2x = -16

Divide each side by 2

2x/2=10/2           2x/2 = -16/2

x = 5                    x = -8

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refer pic

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What is meant by the term formula in mathematics? Give an


Hey there!


The formula is a fact or a rule written with mathematical symbols. It usually connects two or more quantities with an equal to sign. When you know the value of one quantity, you can find the value of the other using the formula.

Examples of formula:

Perimeter of rectangle = 2(length + width)

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Get all the terms with x on the left. Get all the terms without x on the right. Simplify by adding and subtracting the terms without x and adding and subtracting the terms with x. Finally divide to get the value of x.

Step-by-step explanation:

6x+6 =- 5+3x+17

6x+6 -6 =- 5+3x+17 -6

6x = 5+3x+11

6x = 3x + 16

6x - 3x = 3x + 16 -3x

3x = 16

3x / 3 = 16 / 3

x = 15/3 + 1/3

x = 5 1/3

x = 5.33333...

can someone help me with this ?



The answer is 14.28cm

Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to y=-2x+1 and contains the point (8, 2).



y = 1/2x - 2

Step-by-step explanation:

In order for a line to be perpendicular to another, the lines must have opposite reciprocal slopes.

Example of an opposite reciprocal slope: -2 ⇒ 1/2

Insert the information into the point-slope formula:


On a winter day, the temperature changes by -3 1/2 degrees Fahrenheit in 1 3/4 hour. What is the average change in the temperature in 1 hour? Please answer fast and explain how you got that answer. Don't put a link i will report you. Please explain!



-2 degrees per hour

Step-by-step explanation:

Rate of change = -3 1/2 / 1 3/4

= -7/2 / 7/4

= -7/2 * 4/7

= -28/14

= - 2

how long train take to cover 162 1/2 km at an avarage speed of 40km/hr



4 hours and 3.75 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]162\frac{1}{2}\div40\\= 4.0625or4\frac{5}{80} or 4\frac{1}{16}[/tex]

This would be 4 hours and 3.75 minutes

One hundred sixteen divided by four plus twenty eight minus thirty three?


Step-by-step explanation:






find the value of x.
(picture attached)


You would do 180- 96-49 to give you x which means that x= 35
The reason that you are using 180 is because when you add up all the angles of a triangle it equals 180

answer quick pls!!

Find the ordered-pair solution of y = 4x + 1 that corresponds to x = -1



(- 1, - 3 )

Step-by-step explanation:

Substitute x = - 1 into the equation and evaluate for y

y = 4(- 1) + 1 = - 4 + 1 = - 3

solution is (- 1, - 3 )

(-1,-3) this should help
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