What is the relationship between the number of sides in a regular polygon and
number of lines of symmetry?


Answer 1


Divide 360 by the difference of the angle and 180 degrees. For example, 360 divided by 15 equals 24, which is the number of sides of the polygon. Divide 360 by the amount of the exterior angle to also find the number of sides of the polygon.

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find the distance between each pair of points (-1,4) and (1,-1)​




Step-by-step explanation:

find the difference,square them,add and find the square root





square root of 20=4.5(2dp)

What is 50x30 I really need to know




Step-by-step explanation:

Basically 5*3 then add the two zeroes. One from 50 and 30.

the answer is 1500 if you do 5x3= 15 and there’s two zeros in the problem so you add that and it’s 1500

Im beginning year 11 this year and I recently did really bad in my Mocks! I really need some help and advice for all of my subjects because I truly dont know how to revise effectively and because I keep Procrastinating!
Any advice would be appreciated or if u have links to videos and helpful websites I would appreciate it
Here are my results :
Maths : 4
Eng Language : 4
Eng Lit : 4
Chemistry : 4
Physics : 3
Biology : 3
RE: 4
Health and Social care : Level 2 Pass
History : 4
Food Tech : 4
Spanish : 4
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Martin spent $300 from his savings account on a new bike. He also deposited $300 in his savings account that he earned from selling his used textbooks. Which integer represents the change in Martin's savings? A) $100 B $0
C. -100$ D. -$200​




Step-by-step explanation:

a money account works in the same way as real things we can touch.

so, when I have 300 apples at a place (e.g. a grocery store), then I take away 300 apples, and then put again 300 apples there - how many apples will be there at that moment ?

we had 300 and took away 300.

300 - 300 = 0

at that moment we have 0 apples.

but then we put again 300 apples there.

0 + 300 = 300

so, we end up with 300 apples. the same number we started with.

and the same way for the savings account.

he takes out $300.

that means he has now $300 less on his account.

and then he adds $300.

so, he added exactly the same amount as he took out earlier, which means nothing else than that he undid his earlier action regarding his bank account.

so, his balance is now exactly the same as before he did the first transaction.

therefore the change is exactly : $0

Which of the following numbers is irrational?
OA) -7.8 repeating
OB) 25
OC) 25.8125
OD 0.025



The rest can be solved as rational. Negative numbers are not rational.


OA) -7.8 repeating... is irrational number

Step-by-step explanation:

I. Repeating Decimal is on of irrational number

II. Pie.value is also irrational number, but in computer science, we can find pie value with the quantum computer.

i did the first part already but i dont get the second one



c = 275n

Step-by-step explanation:

It's saying what is the rule, which would be 275 dollars per arce. Now, put that into an equation: c = 275n

what is the answer to 15 and 18? pls help it will mean a lot:)


Answer and Step-by-step explanation:

15.  [tex]-\frac{27}{20}[/tex] or [tex]-1\frac{7}{20}[/tex]

-1.35 = -135/100 = [tex]-1\frac{35}{100}[/tex]  (Mixed number)

Multiply the number by 100, then divide the number by 100 (but keep it in fraction form).

-1.35 x 100 = -135

[tex]-\frac{135}{100}[/tex] = [tex]-\frac{27}{20}[/tex]

(Mixed Fraction = . To check, multiply the 20 by the 1, then add 7, to get -27/20)

18. [tex]\frac{49}{11}[/tex] or [tex]4\frac{5}{11}[/tex]

4.45 = 49/11 = [tex]4\frac{5}{11}[/tex]


Multiply the number by 100 (because there is 2 numbers being repeated.


Now subtract by the original number.


-   4.4545....


Write this as an equation:

(100 x fraction) - fraction = 441           (100 x fraction) - fraction = 99 x fraction

99 x fraction = 441   (Divide both sides by 99)

fraction = [tex]\frac{441}{99}[/tex] (which simplifies down to [tex]\frac{49}{11}[/tex])

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the sum of three consecutive even integers


Answer:look below

Step-by-step explanation:Three consecutive even integers can be represented by x, x+2, x+4. The sum is 3x+6, which is equal to 108. Thus, 3x+6=108.

From the given figure, find the value of x and y:
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What is meant by the term formula in mathematics? Give an


Hey there!


The formula is a fact or a rule written with mathematical symbols. It usually connects two or more quantities with an equal to sign. When you know the value of one quantity, you can find the value of the other using the formula.

Examples of formula:

Perimeter of rectangle = 2(length + width)

Hope it help you


find the value of x.
(picture attached)


You would do 180- 96-49 to give you x which means that x= 35
The reason that you are using 180 is because when you add up all the angles of a triangle it equals 180

I need help with Shape equation puzzle 2 it’s due tomorrow


Hey there! I'm happy to help!

First of all, I would guide you to decipher clue 2 first. It is the only one that has just one shape, so then we can find the value of that shape.

To find what this circle is, we just divide 12 by three to see what 3 times the circle is!




Now, let's look at clue one. This one only has two shapes, and it has the circle, which we already know.

We know that our circle is 4, so 5 circles will be 20.

This means that the diamond plus two will be 20, so let's just subtract 2 from 20!




Finally, let's look at the third one. This one is the trickiest. Two circles is eight, and that is going to be equal to our diamond (eighteen) and two triangles.

How is that going to work?

The triangles make us go backwards! Otherwise known as negative numbers!

To get from eighteen to eight, we have to go back ten. Ten is going to be made up of two triangles, so we just divide ten by two so each triangle gets an equal amount.




Have a wonderful day and keep on learning! :D

An equation is formed of two equal expressions. The value of the Circle, Diamond, and the triangle is 4, 18, and -5, respectively.

What is an equation?

An equation is formed when two equal expressions are equated together with the help of an equal sign '='.

Let the circle be represented by C, the diamond be represented by D, and the triangle be represented by T.

Now, the clues can be rewritten as,

D + 2 = 5(C)

3(C) = 12

2(C) = D + 2(T)

Since the second clue has only one variable C, let's solve it first,

3(C) = 12

C = 12 / 3

C = 4

Further, the first clue has two variables C and D, and the value of C is already known, therefore, solve it second.

D + 2 = 5(C)

D + 2 = 5(4)

D + 2 = 20

D = 20 - 2

D = 18

Furthermore, by solving the last Clue we will get,

2(C) = D + 2(T)

Substitute the known values,

2(4) = 18 + 2(T)

8 = 18 + 2T

8 - 18 = 2T

-10 = 2T

T = -5

Hence, the value of the Circle, Diamond, and the triangle is 4, 18, and -5, respectively.

Learn more about Equation here:



If f(x) = + 8, what is f(x) when x = 10?
O 9
O 13
O 36



4 step by step explanation

The at {x} = 10, the value of the function remains +8.

What is function?

A function is a relation between a dependent and independent variable. We can write the examples of functions as -

y = f(x) = ax + b

y = f(x, y, z) = ax + by + cz

Given is that the function f(x) is defined as -

f(x) = + 8

The given function is a constant function. This means that the value of the function remains the same irrespective of the value of {x} or the value in the function domain. So, at {x} = 10, the value of the function remains +8 only. This is true for all the values of {x}.

Therefore, the at {x} = 10, the value of the function remains +8.

To solve more questions on functions, visit the link below-



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[tex]\text{x}=-1 \ \text{and} \ \text{y}=-4\\\\\dfrac{5x^2-y^2+3}{2x-4y}=\dfrac{5\cdot(-1)^2-(-4)^2+3}{2\cdot(-1)-4\cdot(-4)}=\dfrac{5\cdot1-16+3}{-2+16}=\boxed{-\frac{8}{14}}[/tex]

The student looks up the word count on his favorite book, if the book has pages that are 5.5 in. x 6.5 in. and 59,540 words how many pages is the book? (This sentence and picture combine.)



199 pages

Step-by-step explanation:

The average number of words on the page is 300.  Because there are 59,540 words and 59540/300 = 198.46 (approximately), there are 199 pages in the book (because the 0.46 pages would be the last page).

Rectangle ABCD translates 4 units down and 2 units to the right to form rectangle A'B'C'D'. The vertices of rectangle ABCD are labeled in alphabetical order going clockwise around the figure. If AB = 3 units and AD = 5 units, what is the length of B'C'? A. 5 units B. 9 units C. 11 units D. 3 units


Answer:5 units

Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

how do you solve 11=t+11.5-t?​


Equations are represented with the = sign. It means both sides of the equation are equal. [tex]11=t+11.5-t[/tex] has no solution

Given that:


Start by collecting like terms


Evaluate like terms

[tex]-0.5 = 0[/tex]

-0.5 is not equal to 0.

Hence, the equation has no solution

Read more about equations at:


Efetue as divisões indicadas.
a. 3,6 : 1,5
b. 42:0,21
c. 200:0,5




[tex] \frac{3.6}{1.5} = \frac{36}{15} = 2.4[/tex]


[tex] \frac{42}{0.21} = \frac{4200}{21} = 200[/tex]


[tex] \frac{200}{0.5} = \frac{2000}{5} = 400[/tex]

I hope I helped you^_^

the quotient of 5+h and n+3




Step-by-step explanation:

5+h is numerator

and n+3 is denominator

so you make it a fraction to get the quotient which is 5+h/n+3

Yolanda has 3/4 of a cup of sugar. This is 3/5 of what she needs. How much sugar does Yolanda need?
Show your reasoning.



[tex]1\frac{1}{4}[/tex] cups

Step-by-step explanation:

1. Info we have


2. Solving


1/4 = 1/5



5/4= 1 and 1/4 cups

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For the equation: – 36 – 4r = -2(-6 + 6r), what is the value of r?



r = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

– 36 – 4r = -2(-6 + 6r)

+36               +36


-4r = -12r + 48

+12r     +12r


8r = 48

/8     /8


r = 6


r = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

– 36 – 4r = -2(-6 + 6r)

-36 - 4r = 12 - 12r

-48 - 4r = -12r

-48 = -8r

r = 6

1 3/4 divided by 2 3/8

will give brainiest pls help





Convert any mixed numbers to fractions.

Then your initial equation becomes:

[tex]\frac{7}{4} \div \frac{19}{8}[/tex]

Applying the fractions formula for division:

[tex]= \frac{7 \times 8}{4 \times 19}[/tex]

[tex]= \frac{56}{76}[/tex]

Simplifying 56/76, the answer is:


I hope this helps! :)


the answer is 14/19

change the mixed numbers to improper fractions then that becomes 7/4 and 19/8 then multiply across 7x8=56 and 19x4=76 that gives you 56/76

Simplifying 56/76,=  14/19  

answer needed within one hour :(


Step-by-step explanation:

ANGLE ,x=60


A=B.As sides are equal.

You are making a smoothie that calls for 1/4 cup of yogurt. This only makes enough for 1 person and we need enough for 4 total people. How much
yogurt should you add



2 cups of yogurt

Step-by-step explanation:




simplify (x+3)^2 -3 (2x+3)




Step-by-step explanation:

(x+3)^2 -3 (2x+3)

= (x + 3)(x + 3) - 3(2x + 3)

= x^2 + 3x + 3x + 9 - 6x - 9

= x^2 + 6x + 9 - 6x - 9      

= x^2 + 6x - 6x + 9 - 9        Simplify like terms:

= x^2.

Segment AB is a line segment on a number line. Endpoint A is at –18, and the midpoint is at -6.
Determine the coordinate of endpoint B.
Coordinate of endpoint B


It should just be 6 using algebra

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the last one

Step-by-step explanation:

Can someone please explain to me how we do this please...



(7/8, 0)

Step-by-step explanation:

The formula to find the midpoint is (x1+x2/2, y1+y2/2).

(5.5-3.75/2, 2.25-2.25/2)

(1.75/2, 0/2)

(0.875, 0)

(7/8, 0)

Best of Luck!

A square sandbox has an area of 42ft to the power of 2. What is the approximate perimeter of the sandbox to the nearest hundredth?


Assuming I’m reading your question correctly, that the area is 42 square feet…

The length of each side is then sqrt(42) feet or about 6.480741 feet.

Since a square has four sides, you’d have 4*6.480741 for the perimeter, or about 25.922964 feet.

Rounding this to the hundredths place, you’d have 25.92 feet.

What is the first step to solving the division problem below?

6288 divided by 8



devide it by 2 three times

Step-by-step explanation:




i think that's the easiest way to do it

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