Use the number to add the fraction: -5/8 + 3/4: *
Use the number ine to add the fraction


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

thats the anser

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1 year is what fraction of a decade?



It is 1/10

Step-by-step explanation:

One decade has 10 years

[tex]{ \sf{1 \: decade = 10 \: years}} \\ { \sf{ \frac{1}{10} \: decade = 1 \: year}}[/tex]


10% , 1/10, or 10/100

Step-by-step explanation:

There are 10 years in a decade

1/10 represents the 1 year out of the 10!

please answer this question​




Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]log(3x^{3}) - log(x^{2}) = log(\frac{3x^{3}}{x^{2}})\\log(27) - log(x) = log(\frac{27}{x} )\\[/tex]


[tex]\frac{3x^{3} }{x^{2} } = \frac{27}{x} \\3x=\frac{27}{x} \\3x^{2} =27\\x= +3\\x=-3[/tex]

however, since logarithms cannot have negative arguments, x can only be +3

i.e. log(-3) is impossible, and will return MATH ERROR on a calculator.

Solve using substitution.

6x + y = 7

8x + 9y = 17


Please help me I really need it


You take the first equation and make a value for y. So 6x + y =7 change it to :
y = -6x + 7
Now in the second equation replace the “y” with -6x +7 this is what it means to use substitution method . Your combined equation will now be :
8x + 9(-6x + 7) =17
Now do distributive property and you get :
8x + -54x +63 =17
Now combine like terms ;
-46x +63 =17
-46x =-46
x = 1
Now replace 1 for X value and we can get the value of Y .

A display case of plastic bracelets are marked 13 for $3. If Nate has $60, how many plastic bracelets can Nate get? (assume no other taxes or fees)




Step-by-step explanation:

We can write a ratio to solve

15 stickers       30 stickers

----------------- = -------------

2 dollars           x stickers

Using cross products

15x = 2*30

15x = 60

Divide by 15

15x/15 = 60/15

x = 4

evaluate the expression


Step-by-step explanation:


[tex]3 + (20 \div 5) - ( {2}^{2}) [/tex]

[tex]3 + 4 - 4 = 3[/tex]


[tex] \frac{10 - {3}^{2} }{20 - (3 \times 4)} [/tex]

[tex] \frac{10 - 9}{20 - 12} [/tex]

[tex] \frac{1}{8} [/tex]

Jimmy's dog weighed 60 pounds 4 months ago. Since then his weight has increased by 6% How much does Jimmy's dog weigh now


Answer: 3.6

Step-by-step explanation:


63.6 pounds

Step-by-step explanation:

Jimmy's dog's weight was 60 pounds 4 months ago and now it is weighing 6% heavier.

So 6% of 60 is

[tex]\frac{x}{60} *100=6[/tex]



So Jimmy's dog weighs 60+3.6=63.6 pounds

Which expression is equivalent?
On edge


Answer: Choice B




The two rules we use are

[tex](a*b)^c = a^c*b^c[/tex]

[tex](a^b)^c = a^{b*c}[/tex]

When applying the first rule to the expression your teacher gave you, we can say that:

[tex]\left(x^{1/4}y^{16}\right)^{1/2} = \left(x^{1/4}\right)^{1/2}*\left(y^{16}\right)^{1/2}[/tex]

Then applying the second rule lets us say

[tex]\left(x^{1/4}\right)^{1/2}*\left(y^{16}\right)^{1/2} = x^{1/4*1/2}*y^{16*1/2} = x^{1/8}y^{8}[/tex]


[tex]\left(x^{1/4}y^{16}\right)^{1/2} = x^{1/8}y^{8}[/tex]


In short, we just multiplied each exponent inside by the outer exponent 1/2.

So that explains why the exponents go from {1/4,16} to {1/8,8} for x and y in that exact order.

A trapezoid has one base measuring 12', and the other measuring 13'8". What is the area in square feet if the height of the trapezoid is 9'4"?

(Remember for trapezoids A= (b1 + b2)/2 x h



Step-by-step explanation:

buzhou一=12212+13。8.12+13.8=25.8          25.8x9.4=?242.52242.522

The area of the trapezoid is given by A = 121.26 feet²

What is a trapezoid?

The Trapezoid is a 4 sided polygon. Two sides of the shape are parallel to each other and they are termed as the bases of the trapezoid. The non-parallel sides are known as the legs or lateral sides of a trapezoid.

There are three types of trapezoids , and those are given below:

a) Isosceles Trapezoid

b) Scalene Trapezoid

c) Right Trapezoid

The area of the Trapezoid is given by

Area of Trapezoid = ( ( a + b ) h ) / 2

where , a = shorter base of trapezium

b = longer base of trapezium

h = height of trapezium

Given data ,

Let the area of the trapezoid be represented as A

Now , the equation will be

Let the height of the trapezium be H = 9.4 feet

The shorter base of the trapezium a = 12 feet

The longer base of the trapezium b = 13.8 feet

Now , Area of Trapezoid = ( ( a + b ) h ) / 2

On simplifying the equation , we get

Area of Trapezium A = ( ( 13.8 + 12 ) 9.4 ) / 2

Area of Trapezium A = 121.26 feet²

Hence , the area of trapezium is 121.26 feet²

To learn more about area of trapezium click :


In a group 40% like football ,70% like cricket and 30% like both games




Step-by-step explanation:


180-140= 40

Find NL. Not sure to to solve this.



NL= 2 × HI

x+24 =2 × (X+16)

x+24=2x + 32

2x-x= 24-32

x= – 8

NL=x+24 = –8 +24= 16

So ; NL= 16

I hope I helped you^_^

X+24 =2(x+16)
X +24 = 2x +32
24-32= 2x-x
X = -8
NL = x+24
NL = -8+24
NL = 16

What is the value of X minus Y if x equals 9 and Y equals -20


x-y = (9)-(-20) =29


Lines m and n are parallel lines. If line m has a slope of -1, find the slope of linen. Type a numerical answer in the space
provided. If necessary, use the key as a fraction bar. Do not type spaces in your answer.


line n has a slope of -1

parallel lines have equal slopes

Is 0.6 a rational number​



The decimal 0.6 is a rational number. It is the decimal form of the fraction 6/10.


Yes. 0.6 is a rational number.

Calculate the area of the triangle.
Note: Think about which side to use as the base.


9514 1404 393


  27 square units

Step-by-step explanation:

The height is measured perpendicular to the base, so it is convenient to use a base such that the height is easily found. Here, the vertical line is a suitable base, as the height is the horizontal distance from that to the opposite vertex.

  A = 1/2bh = 1/2(9)(6) = 27 . . . . square units = triangle area

Simplify an expression for the perimeter of the rectangle.
W = 24.6x - 10.4
L = 7x + 3.1


The expression for the perimeter of the rectangle is 63.2x - 14.6.

Given that,

Width = W = 24.6x - 10.4Length = L = 7x + 3.1

We Know that

Perimeter of the rectangle is

[tex]= 2(l+w)\\\\= 2 (7x + 3.1 + 24.6x - 10.4)\\\\= 2(31.6x - 7.3)[/tex]

= 63.2x - 14.6

Here the above formula should be applied for measuring the perimeter of the rectangle.

Therefore we can conclude that The expression for the perimeter of the rectangle is 63.2x - 14.6.

Learn more about the rectangle here:



Step-by-step explanation:

First you solve the sides:

24.6-10.4 =14.2


After that ,you will add because perimeter is adding up the side lengths of various shapes.


If angle DEG is 8x + 14 and angle GEF is 8x - 7, the measure of angle DEG is ___ degrees.




Step-by-step explanation:

As it's a straight line, the angles should add up to 180. So 8x+14+8x-7=180, 16x+7=180, x=10.8125, DEG will be 8x+14=100.5

union and intersection of sets



The union of two sets contains all the elements contained in either set (or both sets). The union is notated A ⋃ B. The intersection of two sets contains only the elements that are in both sets. The intersection is notated A ⋂ B.



The union of a set A with a B is the set of elements that are in either set A or B. The union is denoted as A∪B. For example, if A is the set {♢,♡,♣,♠} and B is the set {△,♡,♠}, then A∪B={♢,♡,♣,♠,△}.


Intersection of two given sets is the largest set which contains all the elements that are common to both the sets. To find the intersection of two given sets A and B is a set which consists of all the elements which are common to both A and B. The symbol for denoting intersection of sets is '∩'.

find the y-intercept and x-intercept of the line. 2x+3y= -14



X-intercept: (-7, 0)

Y-intercept: (0, -14/4)

Step-by-step explanation:

To find the intercepts plugin 0 for one variable and solve





what is the length of an arc subtended by an angle of 1.25 radians in a circle with a diameter of 24 cm?​



15 cm.

Step-by-step explanation:

Recall that the arc-length of a circle is given by the formula:

[tex]\displaystyle s = r\theta[/tex]

Where r is the radius and θ is the measure of the central angle in radians.

The circle has a diameter of 24 cm, so its radius is 12 cm.

And its central angle is 1.25 radians. Hence, the arc-length will be:

[tex]\displaystyle s = \left(12\right)\left(1.25\right) = 15\text{ cm}[/tex]

In conclusion, the arc-length for a circle with a diameter of 24 cm subtended by a central angle of 1.25 radians is 15 cm.

What is the best measurement to eastimate the volume of a juice box


1 : you would use a graduated cylinder . 2 : , you would use a yard stick or maybe a ruler if you are not able to find one. You can also use a meter stick.

divide write your answer in simplest form 2/3 divided by 1/4



8/3 or 2.6667

Step-by-step explanation:

when you divide fractions you use a technique called KCF

K = keep

C = change

F = flip

You write the equation [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] ÷ [tex]\frac{1}{4}[/tex]

you keep [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex]

you change the symbol, so from ÷ you change it to x

and flip the last fraction, so you would have  [tex]\frac{4}{1}[/tex]

then you solve it

[tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] x  [tex]\frac{4}{1}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{8}{3}[/tex]

The result of 2/3 divided by 1/4 in simplest form is 8/3 .

Division: It is one of the four basic mathematical operation, the other three being addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Given, division of [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] by [tex]\frac{1}{4}[/tex].

Division of fractional terms:

[tex]=\dfrac{\frac{a}{b}}{\frac{c}{d}}\\= (a)\times(d)/(b)\times(c)[/tex]

Apply, division process of fractional terms.

[tex]=\dfrac{\frac{2}{4}}{\frac{1}{3}}\\ = (2)\times(4)/(1)\times(3)[/tex]

[tex]= \frac{8}{3}[/tex]

Know more about division,


(12m^7-36m) ÷6m
Please answer. Really need help


[tex]2 {m}^{8} - 6 {m}^{2} [/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex](12 {m}^{7} - 36m) \div 6m[/tex]

➡️ [tex] \frac{1 {2m}^{7} - 36m }{6} \times m[/tex]

➡️ [tex] \frac{6(2 {m}^{7} - 6m)}{6} \times m[/tex]

➡️ [tex](2 {m}^{7} - 6m)m[/tex]

➡️ [tex]2 {m}^{8} - 6 {m}^{2} [/tex]

Evaluate the expression for the given values of the variables. x2 + 4(x − y) ÷ z2, for x = 8, y = 5, and z = 2



The answer is -624

Help me pleaseeee help help



Step-by-step explanation:

in a certain country, 40% of registered voters are reublicans, 45% are democrats, and 15% are indepdents. what is the probability that a randomly selected voter opposes the bill


15 percent is correct

what??? I need help urgent :( i didn’t focus in math


Answer: g(x) = (x+1)-3

Step-by-step explanation: Assuming you are moving from expression f to expression g, the plus one in the equation moves the vertex to the right one. subtracting three outside of the parenthesis moves the vertex down three, giving you a vertex of (1,-3). hope this helps!

28) Find the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 2.5 inches. (it = 3.14)


Answer: Circumference = 7.85 inches


Here, we need to know the idea of circumference.

The circumference is the perimeter of a circle. The perimeter is the curve length around any closed figure.

Circumference = 2πr

r = radius

π = constant


Given information

r = (1/2) d = (1/2) (2.5) = 1.25 inches

π = 3.14

Given formula

Circumference = 2πr

Substitute values into the formula

Circumference = 2 · (3.14) · (1.25)

Simplify by multiplication

Circumference = (2.5) · (2.14)

Circumference = [tex]\boxed {7.85 inches}[/tex]

Hope this helps!! :)

Please let me know if you have any questions

Step-by-step explanation:

Using the formulas



Solving forC


Identify the property that justifies each step asked about in the answer area below.
Line 1: (9+x)x
Line 2: x(9+x)
Line 3: x(x+9)


Line 1-Line 2-Associative property .

Line 2-Line 3- Distributive property


[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto (9+x)x[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x(x+9)[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x(9+x)[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x^2+9[/tex]

The arithmetic mean of ten numbers is 36. if one of the numbers is 18,What is the mean of the other nine?


My answer is in the picture

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The introduction of the [blank] changed the ways in which American Indians could interact with their environment Given an isosceles right triangle that is oriented so that it is sitting on its hypotenuse, and the length of the hypotenuse is 12 mm. What is the height (from the hypotenuse to the vertex of the two legs) of this triangle as it sits Calculate the area of the triangle.Note: Think about which side to use as the base. Please help! Please do not just give the answer, also explain please because I need to know how to do this. Find the value of X Simplify an expression for the perimeter of the rectangle. W = 24.6x - 10.4 L = 7x + 3.1 Hello! Ill take any help !! San Jose, Costa Rica, is located near the equator. Choose the statement that most likely describes life in San Jose.The people in San Jose wear lightweight clothing.Kites are a favorite toy of the children in San JoseSki resorts are an important tourist attraction.Recreational sailing is a popular activity. two factors why it is important for youths to investigate and be knowledgeable about risky behavior. Which plot detail might be a method of foreshadowing that something badwill happen?O A. An unexpected rainbowB. A chirping birdC. An approaching stormO D. A burst of sunshine 2. Which number line is correct? Why are the others incorrect? The temperature reading that is halfway between 10 degrees and 40 degrees is ___ degrees.If the temperature was 3 degrees in the morning and 8 degrees in the afternoon, the change in temperature during that time is ____ degrees.If the temperature has been changing at a rate of 1.5 degrees each hour, and it is currently 5 degrees, the temperature 4 hours ago was ___ degrees.If the temperature continues to change at this rate of 1.5 per hour, and it is currently 5 degrees, the temperature in 4 hours will be ____ degrees. If angle DEG is 8x + 14 and angle GEF is 8x - 7, the measure of angle DEG is ___ degrees. Choose whether the statement is fact, opinion or both. New York City is made up of five boroughs. Manhattan is the best place to go in New York City. a. fact c. both b. opinion In what ways does art influence events in society. In reverse, how is art influenced by society? why should athletes wishing to reach weight goals seek the advise of a registered dietitian? I need answers asap!!!!!!! answer this correct and i will mark you brainliest By making inferences based on analysis of a character, the reader is able to determine a character'sO actionsO developmentO themeO motivationNextSubmitSave and ExitMark this and return A simple pulley with the give radius 4 in used to lift heavy objects is positioned 10 feet above ground level. Given that the pully rotates 720 degrees determine the height yo which the object is lifted. Which of these words is an example of sensory language related to sight A. Bitter B. Loud C. Bright D. Rank