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Answer 1


The velocity is uniform (unchanging) from A to B

The velocity increases from O to A

The velocity is decreasing from B to C and C to D

Acceleration is zero from A to B because the velocity is constant

The object starts to move at O and stops at D

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Any two waves that meet as they travel through the same medium will interact. If the two waves are in phase their crests will coincide and they will experience _____ interference, producing a wave with a(n) _____ amplitude.





the density of the metal is 8.9g/cm³.what does it mean. What is the importance of the value​


Density of the metal is 8.9g/cm^3

It means per 1cm^3 Volume there is 8.9g of Mass occupied .


[tex]\boxed{\sf Density=\dfrac{Mass}{Volume}}[/tex]

SI unit:-

SI unit of density is kg/m^3

CGS unit

CGS unit of density is g/cm^3

Why is carbon said to provide a “backbone” in many molecules?(1 point)

Carbon atoms can form chains and branches with each other, and other atoms can attach to these.

Carbon atoms have long narrow shapes, allowing many other atoms to attach to them.

Carbon atoms have full shells of electrons, allowing electrical signals to pass through them easily.

Carbon atoms have half-full shells of electrons, allowing electrical signals to pass through them easily.



The carbon atom has unique properties that allow it to form covalent bonds to as many as four different atoms, making this versatile element ideal to serve as the basic structural component, or “backbone,” of the macromolecules.

Carbon is said to provide a “backbone” in many molecules because Carbon atoms can form chains and branches with each other, and other atoms can attach to these, therefor the correct answer is option A

What is a Chemical compound?

The chemical compound is a combination of two or more either similar or dissimilar chemical elements, for example, H₂O is a chemical compound made up of two oxygen atoms and a single hydrogen atom.

As given in the problem carbon is said to provide a “backbone” in many molecules because Carbon atoms can form chains and branches with each other, and other atoms can attach to these.

The fact that carbon atoms may share electrons with one another to build lengthy chains with other carbon atoms accounts for the enormous variety of organic molecules. Catenation is a characteristic of carbon that makes it special. By transferring their valence electrons to neighboring carbon atoms, carbon atoms can create lengthy chains.

Thus, therefore the correct answer is option A

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Is ambition a good or bad thing?



some amount of ambition is good for your motivation but excess ambition is dangerous.

1. A car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 8.0 s. It reaches a final speed of 15
a. What is the acceleration of the car?
b. What is the average velocity of the car?
C. Calculate the distance travelled by the car.



a. [tex]a=1.875\,ms^{-2}[/tex]

b. [tex]v_{0} =7.5\,ms^{-1}[/tex]

c. [tex]s=60\,m[/tex]




a. We know,


b. We know,


average velocity,[tex]v_{0} =\frac{s}{t}=\frac{60}{8}=7.5\,ms^{-1}[/tex]

c. From b, the answer is 60 m

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Convergent plate boundaries are when plates


move past each other

move apart



Collide is your answer

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a hot metal block is placed into 50g of water in an insulated container the water increases in temperature from 20c to 32c the specific heat capacity of water is 4200j/kgk calculate the quantity of heat energy supplied to the water from the metal​



25,000 joules

given the formula

Q=Mc(final temperature - initial temperature)

M=50 grams convert to kilogram 0.5

c= 4200 j/kg/k

final temperature=32c

initial temperature=20c

5. A ball with momentum of 16 kg x m/s strikes a ball at rest. What is the total momentum of both balls after the collision? a. -16kg x m/s b. -8 kg x m/s c. 8 kg x m/s d. 16 kg x m/s? help please ​



D. 16 Kgm/s


Let the momentum of the two balls be A and B respectively.

Momentum A = 16 kgm/s

Momentum B = 0 kgm/s (since the ball is at rest).

Total momentum = A + B

Total momentum = 16 + 0

Total momentum = 16 Kgm/s

Momentum can be defined as the multiplication (product) of the mass possessed by an object and its velocity. Momentum is considered to be a vector quantity because it has both magnitude and direction.

Mathematically, momentum is given by the formula;

Momentum = mass * velocity

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Distance per time
40 km/h
A scalar quantity

A vector quantity
20 m/s south
Displacement per time

what is pulley? How does it help in lifting weight?​


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A pulley is a "system" that has a rope attached to carry heavy materials off the ground. Once you pull the rope, the heavy item will be carried.

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Using a pulley greatly multiplies the force of your physical efforts. A pulley with one wheel allows you to reverse the direction of your lifting force by pulling down on a rope (that's looped over the wheel), lifting your weight. ... The more wheels your rope can loop around, the more weight you will be able to lift.

7. Who has the greater average velocity: an astronaut who has jut completed an orbit of the Earth or you when you have just traveled from home to school? Explain.​



the anser is


Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity.

Acceleration = (Change in velocity) / time taken

Acceleration = (Final velocity - initial velocity) / time

As the object velocity changes by the same amount in each second, it means the acceleration is constant.

what is displacement



finding the volume of an irregular shape

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it is derived of mass and displacement

Read the PDF to help.



The answer is magnetic north pole

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-cardiovascular fitness
-muscular fitness



1. Flexibility.

2. Muscular Fitness

3. Cardiovascular Fitness

4. Cardiovascular Fitness

5. Flexibility

6. Muscular Fitness

7. Cardiovascular Fitness




Just adding up the horizontal and vertical components of both vectors separately.

discuss the three consequences of lack of basic services in community​


We have that the Three  consequences of lack of basic services in community​ are

-Educational Impact



Lack of basic services in community​

There are many consequences that result from the lack of basic services in a community​ but i shall focus on these three as they are very major impacts

-Educational Impact

Basic service like Water,Electricity ,Mobility and close Proximity to market place has a major impact on the ability of a person pursue educational attainments.we live in a modern world and without power(as) electricity we can not do much of studying in this times


The Human mind is built with a default setting of Survival.Without the basic services provide persons of low moral will tend to go into illegal acts to survive as the basic needs are necessary for survival


For a community to  grow it is necessary that the right environment is made available for growth and if these requirements are not meet in form of basic services in community​ the community falls under the threat of falling into poverty

In conclusion

The Three  consequences of lack of basic services in community​ are

-Educational Impact



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A cyclist travels at 15 m/s during a sprint finish. What is this speed in km/h





Since we have to complete m/s to km/h.

we can simply divide the m/s by (5/18)

so we get 54km/hr

Bill and Amy want to ride their bikes from their neighborhood to school which is 14.4 kilometers away. It takes Amy 40 minutes to arrive at school. Bill arrives 20 minutes after Amy. How much faster (in meters/second) is Amy’s average speed for the entire trip?



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How can radio waves & microwaves communicate over similar distances?


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A car starting from rest accelerated at a rate of 0 .5 m/s up to 2 km what would be the final velocity of the car and how much time would it take to cover 1.6​​


Initial velocity=u=0m/sAcceleration=a=0.5m/s^2Distance=s=1.6mFinal velocity=v=?

Using third equation of kinematics

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v^2=u^2+2as[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v^2=0^2+2(0.5)(1.6)[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v^2=1.6[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v=\sqrt{1.6}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v=0.4m/s[/tex]

Now using 1st equation of motion

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto v=u+at[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto t=v-u/a[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto t=\dfrac{0.4-0}{0.5}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto t=\dfrac{4}{5}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto t=0.8s[/tex]


Using third equation of kinematics

[tex]\begin{gathered}\\ \rm\longmapsto v^2=u^2+2as\end{gathered}[/tex]






[tex]\begin{gathered}\\ \rm\longmapsto v^2=0^2+2(0.5)(1.6)\end{gathered}[/tex]






How many electrons can carbon accept from other atoms while bonding? (1 point)






Answer: Four electrons


The number of electrons that can be accepted by carbon from other atoms while bonding is four. The correct option is D.

What is chemical bonds?

A chemical bond is what holds atoms in molecules together. Electrostatic forces between positively charged atomic nuclei and negatively charged electrons, the positions of which in space are determined by quantum mechanics, generate bonds.

Atoms form chemical bonds to strengthen their outer electron shells. The chemical bonding type maximizes the stability of the atoms that form it.

Carbon forms covalent bonds with other elements or carbon atoms. Carbon compounds are extremely diverse, with sizes ranging from one to thousands of atoms.

Because carbon has four valence electrons, it can form four covalent bonds to achieve a full outer energy level.

Thus, the correct option is D.

For more details regarding chemical bonds, visit:


The same 200 N force acts on an area greater than 2m2.
What happens to the pressure?


the pressure is (200 N)/(10 cm2)×(100 cm/M)2=200,000 pa

Which structure defines the sulfhydryl functional group?(1 point)







the correct answer is


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The sulfhydryl functional group is shown by -SH.

The sulfhydryl functional group is known by several other names such as; thiol, mercapto or sulfanyl.

The sulfhydryl functional group has the structure -SH. The sulphur atom bears two lone pairs which is also important in studying the chemistry of this functional group.

Learn more;

A crane can lift 5000 kg mass to the height 10m in 10 sec. What is its power?​



49.050 KW


work done = PE

= mgh



power = workdone/Time taken

= 490500/10

= 49050 watts

= 49.050kW

power is rate of doing work
work done = force x distance

force is ma
5000 x 10
or 5000x 9.81

rate means divide by time
49,050/50000 divide by 10


what is 342 m/s in kilometers per hour?


Answer:  1231.2 km/h

Explanation: 342 x 3.6 ( because 1 m/s equal 3.6 km/h)

the right-hand tube of the manometer is open to the atmosphere. The pump has been operated so that the mercury levels differ, as shown, by 250 mm. The density of mercury is 13 600 kg / m3. i) Calculate the pressure, in Pa, due to the 250 mm column of mercury.



P(ressure) = d g h = density * gravity * height

P = 13600 * 9.8 * .25 = 33,300 Pa

Check:    1 atm = 76 cm = 760 mm height = 1.01 * 10E5 Pa

h = 1.01 * 10E5 / 9.8 * 13600 .758 m = 758 mm for 1 atm

250 / 758 = 1/3 atmosphere  = 33,700 Pa   close enough for estimates

(the pressure requested is 1/3 atmosphere where 1 atm = 760 mm Hg)

Which acid-base chemical reaction is irreversible?(1 point)

weak acid added to water

strong acid added to water

water on its own

weak base added to water


An irreversible reaction is a reaction that tends to completion. When a strong acid added to water, the reaction is irreversible.

In chemistry, a reaction may be reversible or irreversible. In a reversible reaction, the reaction could move forward or backwards. An irreversible reaction only tends towards completion. It doesn't goes in the reverse direction.

When a weak acid or base is added to water, the reaction is reversible because the substance does not ionize to a large extent in water and the equilibrium position may lie towards the far left. However, a strong acid or base achieves 100% ionization in water hence the reaction is irreversible.

Therefore, when a strong acid added to water, the reaction is irreversible.


1. strong acid added to water

2. The dissociation constant for hydrochloric acid is greater than the dissociation constant for acetic acid.

3. HA, HC, HB

4. decreasing the concentration of OH– ions


Convert: 110 km/h to m/s



30.5555556 m/s

You can write like "30.56 m/s".




You can convert km/h to m/s by dividing the value by 3.6

      110 km/h / 3.6 = 30.5556 m/s

*not sure if your teacher wants you to round to sig figs for this but here it is anyways. Because 110 has 2 sig figs it would be :

    31 m/s

Hope this helps! Best of luck <3

what is gravitational ? what are the factors that affect gravition ? witre the SI unit of gravition​


The gravitational force is a force that attracts any two objects with mass. Two major factors, mass and distance, affect the strength of gravitational force on an object.Newtons kg-2 m2 is it's SI unit.

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