Mariana’s ideas about celebrating everyone’s differences and being proud of our own quirks to our current society. How is that idea relevant in today’s world?


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A, an educated guess.


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Select the best definition

The medical { procedure } was completed in just a few minutes
A. A group of doctors
B. A path or route
C. A kind of product
D. A series of actions



A. A group of doctors


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I think the answer is A group of doctors

Olivia has an assignment in Science to create a presentation about
photosynthesis. She would like to find more information. What should
Olivia do?


Get get drivers license jk

Experiments and/or extensive research


Olivia should use a Web browser and a search engine to search for more information on the Internet.


Which of the following describes the difference between a clause and a phrase?

A clause has commas around it or after it, but a phrase does not.

A clause modifies another word in the sentence, but a phrase does not.

A clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase does not.

A clause occurs at the beginning of a sentence, but a phrase does not.



It’s clause has a verse and subject and phase do not o just took the text I got all 4 answer right


The clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase does not is describing the difference between a clause and a phrase.

A clause is a linguistic term that refers to a group of words that are characterized by having the unity that exists between the verb and the subject. For instance.

My mother goes to the supermarket.

In this sentence, we have a subject (my mother) who is going to carry out an activity (verb/goes).

On the other hand, a phrase is a linguistic term that refers to a group of words that, unlike a clause, is not characterized by the unity between the verb and the subject, in fact, it may lack a verb or subject. For example :

The plane to Rio de Janerio.

In this sentence, there is a subject (airplane) but it does not have a verb.

According to the above, the answer is C. because it shows the difference between the clauses and the sentences.

Learn more in:

What do you mean by Organized Crime? And how does it differ with the word Organized Criminal Group​



Organized crime is when a person or a group of people plan out a shooting or a robbery, their plans usually have several steps. An Organized Criminal Group is a much larger group of people that plan out attacks and other crimes, but also take credit for the deaths and damage they created. One of the best examples would be ISIS or other terrorist groups.

Part 3: Use the words and phrases given to write a complete sentence. You can make any
or additions if necessary
11. stadium/bound / motorway / east.
12. apartment/have/ width / approximately 97 metre.



Of course, there are many ways to write these sentences. I am providing the first idea that popped into my head.

Take the motorway eastbound for about two miles until you see the stadium on your left.

I have measured my apartment twice, and I can tell you without any doubt that its width is approximately 97 meters.


Look at the picture.




1. off

2. up

3. off

4. up


1. The woman must pay off her debts soon

2. it will be difficult to get my friend to pay up

3. I plan to pay off my bank loan tomorrow

4. My friend told me to pay up immediately

if you can invite 3 people past or present to a dinner party who would you choose? One must be dead, one must be fictional, one must be living.



thats easy  my grandpa, um peppa pig, my friends



Hmmmm... My grandmother


And my dad?

Complete the essay on ‘Travel Restrictions . The word limit is 450- 500.​



Strict travel restrictions are preventing business partners from different countries from meeting in person. This column explores the effect of business travelling time on trade using data from the library of Soviet air space in 1985, which radically reduced flight times between Europe and East Asia. The findings reveal that travelling time can account for most of the trade frictions that cause bilateral trade to sharply decline with geographical distance, suggesting that the current travel restrictions could have large negative effects on trade.

As countries work to contain the global spread of the novel corona virus, -19, some are taking more drastic measures than others, including closing borders, banning travelers, quarantining foreigners, and rejecting cruise ships from docking at their ports.  

“It is enshrined in international health regulations that countries should do their best to keep borders, travel, and trade open during these periods.”

Global trade has taken a great hit in the wake of the current pandemic. In the second quarter of this year, global merchandise trade saw the sharpest quarter-on-quarter decline ever recorded, falling by 14.3% compared to the previous period. The WTO forecasts a 9.2% annual decline in merchandise trade for 2020 (WTO 2020). Much focus has been directed towards the initial breakdown of supply chains as well as issues related to the distribution of food and medical supplies. The breakdown of many supply chains has also served as a reminder of how dependent countries are on trade, and especially of how important China is as a supplier of inputs to

the rest of the world    

Border closures, travel restrictions

Beyond China, other countries have also taken an aggressive approach to containment. Last week, Russia announced it would temporarily ban Chinese citizens from entering the country – a move it took after closing its land border with China and Mongolia. Dozens of other countries have also instituted bans on Chinese visitors. Iran’s neighbors have closed their borders as cases in the country rise. North Korea has quarantined foreigners.

Impacts on the response, allocation of resources

“It is enshrined in international health regulations that countries should do their best to keep borders, travel, and trade open during these periods,” Morrison said. “It multiplies the sense of crisis and it creates blockages to the passage of critical personnel and medical products. It’s highly problematic, in all of those ways.”

Effectiveness of travel restrictions

Many in the international community have credited travel restrictions, quarantines, and border closures with limiting the cases in countries outside of China.

“What is known is that by restricting the immigration of people who have been exposed or could have been exposed is curtailing the spread of the disease. Finding effective ways to continue doing that is going to be critical, if we are going to avoid the kind of worldwide pandemic the World Health Organization

2. The council is in discussion with Lord Thomas, _____ land most of the village is built
A. who B. whom C. whose D. that
3. Regina, _____ you have never met before, is a genius in painting.
A. that B. whose C. whom D. whoever
4. The paintings _____ Mr. Flowers has in his house are worth around $ 100,000.
A. which B. whose C. what D. whom
5. It's the best film _____ has ever been made about madness.
A. which B. whom C. whose D. that
6. Children _____ diets contain high levels of protein do better in examination.
A. whom B. who C. whose D. what
7. The director developed a list of criteria for development, ___ he feels will boost the
company’s prestige.
(A) which (B) that
(C) what (D) who


8. Conference attendees ___ confirm their attendance early will be eligible for pre-assigned
(A) whose (B) what
(C) who (D) whom
9. Changes in our organizational structure have created ways for employees to explore
opportunities ___ were previously not available.
(A) what (B) those
(C) that (D) there
10. Mr. Thompson collected a list of employees ___ were unable to attend the official
company picnic.
(A) whose (B) who
(C) whom (D) which
11. The Company is requesting that high-level executives complete a survey ___ details
what their main tasks consist of.
(A) who (B) why
(C) which (D) whom
12. The package ___ was sent to Mr. Jones was returned to us when the mail carrier could
not locate the address on the shipping label.
(A) when (B) who
(C) what (D) that
13. A dinner will take place next Friday to honor Richard Perkins, ____ has been a great
asset to this bank for over thirty years.
(A) who (B) which
(C) whose (D) of which
14. When the director asked ____ responsibility the project was, he was told that it was the
(A) who (B) which
(C) whose (D) that
15. Mr. McKenzie ____ has been working on the campaign longer than anyone else will
take charge of the project.
(A) whom (B) whose
(C) who (D) which


16. We are currently seeking a partner firm ____ marketing principles are similar to our
(A) who (B) which
(C) whose (D) whom
17. An employee ____ performance during a specified period is satisfactory is entitled to a
wage increase based on current pay standards.
(A) who (B) whom
(C) whose (D) which
18. Only Speedy Shipping offers a variety of delivery options ____ utilize both air and sea
(A) whom (B) that
(C) who (D) what


I think most of this should be right.

2. C

3. C

4. A

5. D

6. C

7. A

8. C

9. C

10. B

11. C

12. D

13. A

14. C

15. C

16. C

17. C

18. B

what are two examples of imagery in Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God?? Please include the page number



"There is the dreadful pit of the glowing flames of the wrath of God;"

"God has laid Himself under no obligation by any promise to keep any natural man out of hell one moment."

"It is no security to wicked men for one moment that there are no visible means of death at hand."


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the police man said i caught a thief this morning into indirect speech ​



The police man said that he had caught a thief that morning.


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In Chapter 3, what is the “simple trick” that Atticus advises Scout to use? What evidence is there in this chapter that Atticus uses this “trick” himself? Support your answer with evidence from the text.


Atticus makes it clear to Scout through his compromise that her focus should be her education. This teaches Scout to prioritize her study above anything else. When Miss Caroline instructed Scout to cease reading at home with Atticus, she became depressed. For instance, "Your father is not a good teacher.

What did Atticus teach Scout?

Scout and Jem learn from Atticus that it's important to get to know someone before passing judgment on them. By defending Tom Robinson, he demonstrates to them that a person's innocence cannot be determined by the color of their skin. By hiring Calpurnia, the kids discover that someone's value is independent of their social standing.

"Until you evaluate things from his point of view until you jump inside his skin and walk about in it," Atticus advises Scout, "you never really comprehend a person." He emphasizes that if Scout picks up this easy tip, she will get along with all types of people much better.

Learn more about Atticus advising Scout here:


Develop a readable story with title and moral with the outlines given below:(5)
A greedy boy........a jar full of nuts, with narrow neck, puts hand in.....tries to
draw a handful nuts...... can't get the hand out.....cries..... mother comes....
montiu lonflot about a nlace of interest for tourists in your



Once there was a greedy boy in a village. He always wanted to have more food and fruits. One day, hw was hungry and moved here and there is search of food in the house. Hw met a jar full of nuts. He wanted to have them. The neck of jar was very narrow. Hw opened his hand and kept his hand into the jar. After putting his hand in the jar, he tried to take the handful nuts. He tried to put his hand out of the jar but couldn't because it was full of nuts. He couldn't realize that the neck of jar was very narrow. He got hurried because he wanted to have some before his mother came. But unfortunately, his mother arrived immediately. He got afraid as he saw her. He was also scared that his hands were trapped. He started crying. She watched him deeply and told him not to cry. She explained him the reason. He understood why he couldn't keep his hand out of the jar. He followed the instructions given by his mother and kept his hand out of the jar. Finally, he realized his mistake.

Moral: Greed causes suffering

Online Shopping Assistant
Charlize Theranos, 21, is an online shopping assistant at a supermarket branch in Wales. Her day begins with a 3:00 a.m. wake-up call, six times a week, for the 4 a.m. start. She jumps in her car and drives 5 minutes to her workplace. She works six days a week, from 4 a.m. to midday, and comes into contact with dozens of people every day.

When Theranos first started working at her local supermarket in January, 2020, she was a cashier. But soon she got promoted and switched to online shopping. Her duties include picking up items from supermarket shelves for delivery. At work, she picks up an iPad listing all the customer orders placed that day, and starts walking up and down the aisles, scanning the products she needs. Then she places them in a box that will be packed up and delivered to someone's front door.

When the supermarket opens at 8:30 a.m., shoppers start coming in. Theranos needs to try to avoid them as much as possible as she continues wandering up and down the aisles, scanning products, and occasionally answering questions.

She doesn't wear any protective equipment, though — only cashiers are given face masks. "Since I come into contact with more than 200 people every day, I can't only think of myself," she told Business Guru. "I have to think about the walk-in customers and their family members as well."

The eight-hour shifts are sometimes quite stressful. Sometimes people rush into panic-buy food and supplies, causing arguments and upsetting staff. However, most people are polite and respectful. Consequently, Charlize enjoys her job. She has gained more skills, and in recent times, her line of work has become an essential service.

Questions 1 - 6
Choose the correct letter A, B, or C.

1. How is paragraph 1 being organized?
A. Definition
B. Chronological
C. Classification

2. What time of the day does Charlie start working?
A. at Midday
B. before dawn
C. before sunrise

3. Which is true about Charlie?
A. She hates wearing facemasks.
B. She used to be a cashier.
C. She works Monday to Saturday only.

4. The word "promoted" in paragraph 2 means?
A. advertisement
B. engagement
C. advancement

5. Which is NOT part of Charlie’s work in online shopping?
A. inventorying
B. picking up items from the supermarket shelves for delivery
C. delivering products to someone’s door

6. Where can you most likely find this article?
A. Magazine
B. Manual
C. Geography book

Questions 7 - 11
Do the following statements agree with the information given in Reading Passage 1?
Choose T if the statement is true
F if the statement is false.
NG if the statement is not given in the passage.

7. Charlie was once a cashier and now she does a different task.
8. She started working at her local supermarket at the beginning of 2002.
9. However, due to the pandemic, her shop loses sales and is about to close.
10. Despite the busy schedule, Charlie feels contented and still loves her job.
11. Moreover, she was also nominated as the best employee of the year.


1. She works from 4 a.m. until midday/noon.

2. She started as a cashier but now she uses an iPad to collect and pack orders for online


3 She has to avoid customers due to the coronavirus and people panic-buying food and supplies

cause arguments and upset staff.

4 She has gained skills and respect. Her job is an essential service.

5 (example) Yes. It would be interesting as you would be dealing with online and walk-in  customers. You would be improving your online skills while dealing with people in the real world

Underline the adverbs in the following paragraphs.

1. Our new neighbour greeted us politely.

2. "How long have you lived here?' she asked.

3. "We arrived only yesterday," we replied.

4. Well, I hope you'll be really happy."

5. After that we met her quite frequently. However, we learned very little about her.

6. Strangely, she never talked about herself. She talked only about the weather and us.

7. Personally, I found that annoying. Have you ever met anyone like that?​






1. politely

3.only, yesterday


5.frequently, very

6.strangely, never, only


Based on context clues in the passage, what is most likely the meaning of the word vehemently?

A. at a high volume
B. with a lot of passion
C. in a flat monotone
D. sounding muffled

Which textual evidence from the text best supports your answer?

A. But the noise steadily increased

B. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with a violent gesticulations…

C. It was a low, dull, quick sound—much such a sound as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. D) No doubt I now grew very

D. No doubt I now grew very pale




b :)

I come from/ to Italy?
Which one is right?



l come from Italy not i come to Italy

it depends, from means that you moving from that place to another and to, means that you going to that place

what does it mean gradually?



If something changes or is done gradually, it changes or is done in small stages over a long period of time, rather than suddenly. Electricity lines to 30,000 homes were gradually being restored yesterday. Synonyms: steadily, slowly, moderately, progressively More Synonyms of gradually.

Hope it helps you.


Gradually mean moving,changing or developing by fine or often imperceptible degrees.

What are two things that speakers can do to boost their confidence in a presentation?​



Don't look the crowd in the eye just look at their heads

Make sure what u are about to say on the stage u have memorized it very well to avoid failure

INFER Reread Hrothgar's speech in lines 192-225. What values are
reflected in this Memory Moment where he describes his relationship
with Beowulf's father and the efforts of his followers to stop Grendel?


Hrothgar's speech emits values such as friendship, loyalty and bravery.

This can be seen because Hrothgar's speech shows how grateful he is for the peace established between his realm and the realm of Beowulf's father.

This peace between the two kingdoms was established because:

The kings had a strong friendship and cared for each other.This friendship was based on great loyalty, which showed that the kings were ready to defend each other.This friendship made Hrothgar receive Beowulf with great hospitality.Hrothgar and Beowulf also established a friendship, based on gratitude, Hrothgar's hospitality, and Beowulf's Bravery and Courage.

It is important to remember that "Beowulf" is the Anglo-Saxon epic tale, which tells the story of the hero Beowulf, who frees kingdoms oppressed by evil and powerful creatures.

You can find more information about this story at the link below:

52. Choose which of the underlined words
are spelled correctly:
A. I caught a few mices in our classroom
and named them!
B. I caught a few mouses in our
classroom and named them!
C. I caught a few mice in our classroom
and named them!


The correct spelling is mice

6. I ______ Texas State University now.

A. am attending

B. attend

C. was attending

D. attended





now is present tense so the suitable answer is A

The answer is A. am attending.
B. doesn’t make sense. I attend Texas State University now.
C. is wrong because was is past tense, attending is present tense. I was attending Texas State University now.
D. is wrong because attended is past tense, and the sentence has the word “now,” which is present tense. U attended Texas State University now.
Therefore, A. is the correct answer.
I am attending Texas State University now.
Attending is present tense and now is present tense.

write a story endling with the statement:i still find my escape from that dangerous situation a miracle​




please go through the link thete is answer and it is not a scam . if it is not opening I will send it in comment

Life is brimming with occasions and occasions. Some are great, and some don't recollect. However, the vast majority of them remain in our recollections. Some of the time it is best not to recollect what makes us pain or unhappiness, as we will be happy to recall these recollections, while others will give us pain.

The story endling with the statement i still find my escape from that dangerous situation a miracle​ is:

There were a few officers who wanted to kill Jack in my rest. This happened during the Kosovo war after my unit had evacuated our base and left for a safer place in the mountains. He had stayed behind with one of  amigos.

In the afternoon, nonetheless, foe entered our valley and we had to move to the nearby woods. It was getting dark, amigo and were exhausted, and so we lay down in the center of a small woodland path and nodded off immediately. It was early June and sufficiently warm to rest outside without a blanket.

The following morning, they woke up completely invigorated and chosen to join the other units in the mountains.

A couple of years later, long after the war, a few warriors from an adjoining unit let us know that they had seen us dozing on that timberland path.

They'd been on a night patrol when they almost staggered over our bodies. They halted, momentarily talked to each other, and since they were absolutely certain that the two warriors before them were adversaries, they chose to kill us.

Nevertheless, when they saw the canine sniffing at us with well disposed interest and doing whatever it takes not to chomp us, the troopers changed their brains.

Presently, they were immovably persuaded that we had to belong to their side. They let us live and proceeded with their patrol the situation was very dangerous and and miraclly Jack escaped from it.

For more information, refer the following link:

Exercise provides a healthy outlet for feelings, which helps improve __________.
emotional health
mental health
spiritual health
environmental health




Mental health improves feelings and a healthy life.

B or a bc they are important to outlet

S _ o r _ s
what is answer​



what is your question,not clearly specified

i like to travel light. The... luggage, the better


ok thx for the info

what is it meant by a skill set?Why are communication skills (verbal and nonverbal) an important part of skill set in dealing with employers, coworkers, and customers? ​



See explanation for answer.


When they ask you what your current skills are or your skill set they mean what are you proficient in doing that can be beneficial to the company or workplace. A far as working with people goes it's almost always best to be a "people person". Your skills could be being patient and kind which could persuade certain places when they are looking for new employees. I'm not sure if this is what you wanted but I hope it helps!

Have a lovely day!

Skill means the ability to perform, and communication skills are required to make the employers, coworkers, and customers understand what you are saying and vice versa.

What do you mean by skill set?

The skill set can be termed as when a  person or individual has some knowledge or experience of a particular thing and can do that.

A few examples of certain skill sets include knowledge of technology, organization, finance, and social relations. In most cases, it incorporates both soft talents and hard skills.

Bot the type of communication skills is important whether it is verbal or nonverbal as in an office or workspace both the skills are used. An email to the senior authority about updates or an mail to your subordinate about the work and information all come under nonverbal communication.

When meeting face to face or giving instructions on a phone, then that is used as a form of verbal communication.  

Learn more about skill set, here:


Select the correct answer.
Which sentence uses an adverb to answer the question "when " A) we are going to the party B) arrange the flowers carefully C) he quickly changed his mind d) the ball rolled around in the ground


A is the answer to this
Other Questions
Can someone help me for this question...please Which of the following words means "the degree to which a measurement is precise and reliable"?a. variableb. accuracyc. parameterd. constant What is the distance between 10 and -4 4. The modern particle theory of matter was generally acceptedin what century? Whose concept of matter was overturned bythis revolution in science? how much is 72 kilograms in pounds Is the relation a function? ExplainSet-builder notation?Domain/range? 18. My grandfather ______________(grow) tomatoes in his garden this summer.19. He ______________(grow) them every summer . 20. The children ____________________(leave) for school right now. 21. The children ________________(leave) at 8:30 every morning of the week.22. Shu! The baby ____________________(take) her nap. 23. In the north the season __________________(change) four times a year .24. Up to now he ____________________ (give) us 5 tests. 25. The monsoon ___________________(come) once or twice a year.26. It's spring and the days ___________________(get) longer. 27. The weather ___________(get) very cold in Moscow in the winter.28. It _______________(rain) hard, and I don't have an umbrella.29. It's November and the birds _________________(fly) south. 30. Many birds of Europe ________________(fly) south to Africa every winter.Nhanh gip mnh c khng :(Cn 2 ting 10 pht Can someone help me with an idea please? I need something like this for math and science week but i think my idea is really lame. It has to be a photograph and it can be physics, chemistry or math! Pls lmk your ideas cuz im running out of them What are your thoughts about this? Do tattoos and jewellery and other objects of adornment influence the way people communicate with each other? 4. (k? - 4k+7)+(k? +9k 3)ON SA A share of stock is now worth 20% of its value from a year ago. If it is now worth $44,250, what was it worth a year ago? Why are conservation groups pushing for worldwide restrictions on whaling Sam baked an equal number of sausage buns andcustard buns. During the day, 68 sausage buns weresold. Sam also baked another 27 custard buns to meet a last-minuteorder. At the end of the day, Sam had baked 6 times as many custardbuns as the number of sausage buns remaining. How many sausagebuns did Sam bake at first? Can you answer this? please? Brooke spent 3/4 hours playing her flute each day for 7 days. How many hours did she play her flute in all What makes an atom radioactive? Please answer ASAP please and thank Which of the following people was the Supreme Commander during World War II?Woodrow WilsonHarry TrumanDwight D. EisenhowerGeorge W. Bush 6. Tortoise became the leader of the group because (Complete the sentence.) the artist who designed this architectural structure made choices that