find the smallest value of k, such that 525k is a perfect cube


Answer 1


why should the government provides security to it's people

Answer 2

Answer: 2205

Step-by-step explanation:

From the prime factorisation of 525 we get

525 = 3×5×5×7

We have to make sure that all the factors are in cube form

To do that we have to add 3×3×5×7×7 to the factors

We get

525 = 3×3×3×5×5×5×7×7×7

So the 3×3×5×7×7 gives us the smallet value of k, which is 2205

And 525×2205 gives us 1157625 which is a perfect cube.

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m−4=2m what does m= Please help




Step-by-step explanation:

you would subtract m from both sides to get -4=m

convert into decimal number 123



the convert into decimal number

1.2.3 ans . 1111011


question main point lagana hai

ok friend aap photo mein dekh sakte hain yah question Kis Tarah Se solve Hua Hai only Kisne point lagana hai ok

Step-by-step explanation:

ok friend please like and comments by

why are there three zeros in the product of 6 times 103



There’s not

Step-by-step explanation:

It’s 618

help!! this is math.




In 2004 a certain oil company spent sh 1740000 on crude oil import .This was a 20%increase 0ver the money on crude oil import in 2003.
a) How much did the company spend on crude oil import in 2003.
b)What was the difference in the money spent on crude oil import in the two years?​



a = 1,450,000

b = 290,000

Step-by-step explanation:

A: 1,740,000 = x*1.20

1,740,000/1.2 = x1.20/1.20

1,450,000 = x

B: 1,740,000 - 1,450,000 = 290,000





See the above pictures!

Remember: Make a dot where the line touches the graph.

Hope it help you

3/5 of the T-shirts and a T-shirt shop are blue 5/8 of those T-shirts are on sale 1/3 of the blue T-shirts that are on sale or size medium what fraction of the shops T-shirts are blue T-shirts that are on sale and are size medium



yes their size is medium

simplify each expression



[tex] {x}^{ \frac{1}{2} } \times {x}^{ \frac{2}{3} } [/tex]

[tex] {x}^{ \frac{3 + 4}{6} } [/tex]

[tex] {x}^{ \frac{7}{6} } [/tex]

Part A Which features describe the graph? Select all that apply. A domain: (-3, 4] B. range: (-3, 3] o C. increasing: (-3. -1) D. decreasing: (-1, 4) E positive: (-2, 2) F. negative: (-3.-2). (2, 4] Part B What is the average rate of change over the interval [-2. O for the graph in Part A? average rate of change =



C, F

Step-by-step explanation:

janessa is playing a board game with two friends. using a single die, one friend rolled a four, and the other friend rolled a three. janessa needs to roll a number higher than both friends in order to win the game, and she wants to calculate her probability of winning. Is the probability of Janessa winning an independent event or dependent event



It is a dependent event, because it depends of the number she'll get rolling the die

A man is paid $1500 salary. He spends 20% of the salary for his kids education, 35% for food, 15% for miscellaneous and he saves the rest. How much money does he save?​




Step-by-step explanation:

The total is 100 %

20% + 35% +15% = 70%

100-70 = 30

He saves 30%

1500 * 30%

1500 *.30


G I V E N :

A man is paid $1500 salary. He spends 20% of the salary for his kids education, 35% for food, 15% for miscellaneous and he saves the rest. How much money does he save?

S O L U T I O N :

Total Income = $ 1500

According to the question,

He spends 20% to his kids education

He spends 35% for food

He spends 15% for miscellaneous

Out of total income he spends 20% on kids education

So, amount spent on kids education = 20% of $1500

Amount = 20/100 × $1500

Amount = $300

Hence, money spent on his kids education is $300

35% is spent on food

Money spent on food = 35% of $1500

Money spent = 35/100 × $1500

Money spent = $525

Hence, money spent on food is $525

15% is spent on miscellaneous

Money spent on miscellaneous = 15% of $1500

Money spent = 15/100 × $1500

Money spent = $225

Hence, money spent on miscellaneous is $225

Now, adding all the three we get

$300 + $525 + $225

$825 + $225


Total money spent = $1050

Remaining money = $1500 - $1050 = $450

Remaining amount left with him is $450

True or False-in scientific notation when you move the decimal point left is it positive.




Step-by-step explanation:

just cause you move a decimal point to the left dosent mean its positive.

What does x equal?
2x + 5x – 4= 17



x = 3

Step-by-step explanation:

2x + 5x - 4 = 17

Combine like terms

7x - 4 = 17

Add 4 to both sides

7x = 21

Solve for x

x = 21/7

x = 3
Hope this helps!

Love you.

- doomdabomb


x = 3

Step-by-step explanation:

2x + 5x - 4 = 17      (Given)

7x - 4 = 17              (Simplify)

7x - 4 + 4 = 17 + 4  (Add 4 on both sides)

7x = 21                   (Simplify)

7x/7 = 21/7             (Divide 7 on both sides)

x = 3                      (Simplify)

Find a polynomial $f(x)$ of degree $5$ such that both of these properties hold: $\bullet$ $f(x)$ is divisible by $x^3$. $\bullet$ $f(x) 2$ is divisible by $(x 1)^3$. Write your answer in expanded form (that is, do not factor $f(x)$).


There seems to be one character missing. But I gather that f(x) needs to satisfy

• [tex]x^3[/tex] divides [tex]f(x)[/tex]

• [tex](x-1)^3[/tex] divides [tex]f(x)^2[/tex]

I'll also assume f(x) is monic, meaning the coefficient of the leading term is 1, or

[tex]f(x) = x^5 + \cdots[/tex]

Since [tex]x^3[/tex] divides [tex]f(x)[/tex], and

[tex]f(x) = x^3 p(x)[/tex]

where [tex]p(x)[/tex] is degree-2, and we can write it as

[tex]f(x)=x^3 (x^2+ax+b)[/tex]

Now, we have

[tex]f(x)^2 = \left(x^3p(x)\right)^2 = x^6 p(x)^2[/tex]

so if [tex](x - 1)^3[/tex] divides [tex]f(x)^2[/tex], then [tex]p(x)[/tex] is degree-2, so [tex]p(x)^2[/tex] is degree-4, and we can write

[tex]p(x)^2 = (x-1)^3 q(x)[/tex]

where [tex]q(x)[/tex] is degree-1.

Expanding the left side gives

[tex]p(x)^2 = x^4 + 2ax^3 + (a^2+2b)x^2 + 2abx + b^2[/tex]

and dividing by [tex](x-1)^3[/tex] leaves no remainder. If we actually compute the quotient, we wind up with

[tex]\dfrac{p(x)^2}{(x-1)^3} = \underbrace{x + 2a + 3}_{q(x)} + \dfrac{(a^2+6a+2b+6)x^2 + (2ab-6a-8)x +2a+b^2+3}{(x-1)^3}[/tex]

If the remainder is supposed to be zero, then

[tex]\begin{cases}a^2+6a+2b+6 = 0 \\ 2ab-6a-8 = 0 \\ 2a+b^2+3 = 0\end{cases}[/tex]

Adding these equations together and grouping terms, we get

[tex](a^2+2ab+b^2) + (2a+2b) + (6-8+3) = 0 \\\\ (a+b)^2 + 2(a+b) + 1 = 0 \\\\ (a+b+1)^2 = 0 \implies a+b = -1[/tex]

Then [tex]b=-1-a[/tex], and you can solve for a and b by substituting this into any of the three equations above. For instance,

[tex]2a+(-1-a)^2 + 3 = 0 \\\\ a^2 + 4a + 4 = 0 \\\\ (a+2)^2 = 0 \implies a=-2 \implies b=1[/tex]

So, we end up with

[tex]p(x) = x^2 - 2x + 1 \\\\ \implies f(x) = x^3 (x^2 - 2x + 1) = \boxed{x^5-2x^4+x^3}[/tex]

The fifty people at a library are only allowed to sit in groups of 3,4, or 5 people. If all 50 people are seated, the greatest possible number of groups is




Step-by-step explanation:


Second largest multiple of 3 that is smaller than 50=45

45÷3=15 groups of 3 people each


         =1 group of 5 people

Greatest possible number of groups=15+1


How does the graph of f(x) = (x – 9)^4-3 compare to the parent function g(x) =x^4?



Step-by-step explanation:

The child graph is shifted 9 units to the right. That's what the nine does. The graph also shifts 3 units down when compared to g(x).

I have put a graph in so that you can see the shifts for yourself.

The red line is g(x) = x^4

The blue line is f(x) = (x - 9)^4 - 3

What is the slope of the line represented by the equation y = -1/2x+ 1/4​



y = mx+ b



Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

Slope-intercept form: y = mx + b

m = slopeb = y-intercept

By comparing the formula to the equation given, it is clear the slope of the line is -1/2.

“Angle 7 and angle 8 are complementary. Angle 5 ≅ angle 8 and the measure of angle 6 = 29. Show your work to find the measure of angle 7 and 5.”


Based on the definition of complementary angles:

Measure of angle 7 = 29°

Measure of angle 5 = 61°

What are Complementary Angles?

Complementary angles have a sum that is equal to 90 degrees. If two angles are complementary, then their sum = 90 degrees.

Angle 7 and angle 8 are complementary [given]

Angle 5 and angle 6 will also be complementary

Angle 5 ≅ angle 8 [given]

Angle 7 will also be congruent to angle 6

Measure of angle 6 = 29° [given]

Measure of angle 7 = 29°

Measure of angle 5 + measure of angle 6 = 90 degrees


Measure of angle 5 + 29° = 90°

Measure of angle 5 = 90° - 29°

Measure of angle 5 = 61°

Therefore, based on the definition of complementary angles:

Measure of angle 7 = 29°

Measure of angle 5 = 61°

Learn more about complementary angles on:


Find a polynomial f(x) of degree 4 that has the following zeros. 2, 5, 0, -7



Step-by-step explanation:

f(x) = (x - 2)(x - 5)x(x+ 7)

f(x) = (x^2 - 7x + 10)*x * (x + 7)

f(x) = x(x^3 - 39x + 70)

f(x) = x^4 - 39x^2 + 70x

To show that this is correct, I've made a graph with these points labeled. The graph is just around the x axis. The local maximums and minimums are just too large a value.

8w-2=12w+6 both answers



your answer is -2

I hope it's helps you


[tex]8w - 2 = 12w + 6 \\ 8w - 12w = 6 + 2 \\ - 4w = 8 \\ w = \frac{8}{ - 4} \\ w = - 2[/tex]

I hope it helped U

stay safe stay happy

Which of the following is the inverse of f (x) = 3 - 14x


The answer would be the second one

6.55743... is an irrational number because it is an
a terminating decimal
a repeating decimal
a non-terminating and non-repeating decimal
a non-repeating decimal
a non-terminating decimal



#3. a non-terminating and non-repeating

Step-by-step explanation:

6.55743... never ends and it never repeats either


Not terminating but doesn't repeat either

Step-by-step explanation:

What is the answer to the problem




Step-by-step explanation:

3 + (-11) + 8

3 - 11 + 8

-8 + 8




Step-by-step explanation:

As I write this Reiner is standing at my side. He knows this is a love letter but he’s still sneaking glances. Honestly it’s no wonder the creep is still single.

That said, he did give me his word that he’d deliver this letter to you. He says he owes me for the time I doubled back to save him.

I’m sorry about that. I never would have imagined myself choosing those two over you.

I’m gonna die soon,

but I’ll die without regrets.

Or that’s what I’d like to say.

Truth is, I do have one.

It's that I never got to marry you...

With love, Ymir.

2f - 3(4f - 5g) + 5g + 7fg
Help pls how to solve it?


Step-by-step explanation:

2f - 3(4f - 5g) + 5g +7fg

multiply the 3 in

2f - 12f - 15g + 5g + 7fg

add or subtract common terms

-10f -10g +7fg will be your final answer


Step-by-step explanation:

As the question did not say how to 'solve the question', I would assume it will be to simplify the equation, as there is no way of solving an expression without an answer.


2f - 3(4f-5g) + 5g +7fg

Get rid of the parentheses

2f - 12f - 15g + 5g +7fg

Simplify similar expressions

-10f - 10g + 7fg

Therefore, 2f - 3(4f-5g) + 5g +7fg simplified is equal to -10f - 10g + 7fg.

BRAINLIEST FOR THE RIGHT ANSWER! THANKS! Indicate in standard form the equation of the line through the given points, writing the answer in the equation box below.
P (0, -4), Q (5, 1)



- X + Y = -4  is the standard form

Y =1X  -4  is the  slope intercept form

Step-by-step explanation:

x1 y1  x2 y2

0 -4  5 1


(Y2-Y1) (1)-(-4)=   5  ΔY 5

(X2-X1) (5)-(0)=    5  ΔX 5


slope= 1          

B= -4          


Y =1X  -4    

determine the coordinates of x-intercepts and y-intercepts ​



Xin is when y=0


yin is when x=0

how I do this plzz help​



I also don't know because I did not read this chapter


yes how can we do this i am also confusing

(b+a)^2 ÷4 ; use a=-2, and b=4




Step-by-step explanation:

(b + a)² ÷ 4 when a = -2 and b = 4


(4 + (-2))² ÷ 4


2² ÷ 4

4 ÷ 4


Best of Luck!



Step-by-step explanation:

it is above in the photo.

A packet of flour and a bag of onions have a total mass of 3.25kg.
3 similar packets of flour and 2 similar bags of onions weigh 9kg in all.
What is the total mass of 5 such packets of flour?​


Set flour =x and onions=y

We have

{ x + y = 3.25

{ 3x + 2y = 9

x= [tex]\frac{5}{2}[/tex]


Good Luck

i need help im timed plzz right anwsers only



the second option is correct

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