Complete the following equation using <, >, or =

7 _ 24/4

A. =
B. >
C. <


Answer 1


7 > 24/4

Step-by-step explanation:

7 _ 24/4

Simplify 24/4

24/4 = 6

7 is greater than 6

7 > 24/4

Answer 2

7 is greater than the fraction 24/4 so we use the ">" symbol between them. Hence, the complete equation is 7 > 24/4.

Comparison of two numbers involves determining the relationship between them. Here are a few possible outcomes when comparing two numbers:

1: If the first number is greater than the second number, we can say that the first number is "greater than" or "larger than" the second number.

2: If the first number is less than the second number, we can say that the first number is "smaller than" or "less than" the second number.

3: If the first number is equal to the second number, we can say that the numbers are "equal" to each other.

The given numbers are:

7 and 24/4

To compare these numbers,

Convert the fraction 24/4 into the simplest form


[tex]\frac{24}{4} = 6[/tex]

Now since 7 is greater than 6 so we use ">" between them.


The complete equation will be 7 > 24/4.

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Use the number to add the fraction: -5/8 + 3/4: *
Use the number ine to add the fraction




Step-by-step explanation:

thats the anser

Bernadette is a goalie and blocks the goal 20 out of 32 times. What is the experimental probability that Bernadette will block the goal on the next kick? Write your answer as a fraction, decimal, and percent.



5/8 or 0.625 or 62.5%.

Step-by-step explanation:

20/32       Divide top and bottom by 4:-

= 5/8.

if 5-3(2a+1)=-4+10, what is the value of a+2​


[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow 5-3(2a+1)=-4+10[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow 5-6a-3=6[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow -6a+2=6[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow -6a=6-2[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow -6a=4[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow a=\dfrac{4}{-6}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow a=\dfrac{2}{-3}[/tex]


[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow a+2[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow \dfrac{2}{-3}+2[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow \dfrac{2-6}{-3}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow \dfrac{-4}{-3}[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\Rrightarrow \dfrac{4}{3}[/tex]



Step-by-step explanation:

5 - 3(2a+1) = -4 + 10

=> 5 - 6a + 3 = 6

=> 5 - 6 + 3 = 6a

=> 2 = 6a

=> 6a = 2

=> a = 2/6

=> a = 1/3

a + 2

1/3 + 2

=> 1/3 + 6/3

=> 7/3

union and intersection of sets



The union of two sets contains all the elements contained in either set (or both sets). The union is notated A ⋃ B. The intersection of two sets contains only the elements that are in both sets. The intersection is notated A ⋂ B.



The union of a set A with a B is the set of elements that are in either set A or B. The union is denoted as A∪B. For example, if A is the set {♢,♡,♣,♠} and B is the set {△,♡,♠}, then A∪B={♢,♡,♣,♠,△}.


Intersection of two given sets is the largest set which contains all the elements that are common to both the sets. To find the intersection of two given sets A and B is a set which consists of all the elements which are common to both A and B. The symbol for denoting intersection of sets is '∩'.

The sum of a number and 3 is 6 less than twice that number.




there are two operation end modes [ = , < ]

so, it remains an expression

Step-by-step explanation:

let the number be x :

[tex] \{(n + 3) = 6 \} < 2n[/tex]

The solution of the written expression, ''The sum of a number and 3 is 6 less than twice that number'' is 9.


The written expression, ''The sum of a number and 3 is 6 less than twice that number''.

We have to solve this expression.

What is Mathematical expression?

An expression consists of one or more numbers or variables along with one more operation.


Let a number is x.

By the given written expression, we can write the mathematical expression as,

x + 3 = 2x - 6

By solving;

x + 3 = 2x - 6

3 + 6 = 2x - x

9 = x

x = 9

Hence, the value of written expression is x.

Learn more about the mathematical expression visit:


find the y-intercept and x-intercept of the line. 2x+3y= -14



X-intercept: (-7, 0)

Y-intercept: (0, -14/4)

Step-by-step explanation:

To find the intercepts plugin 0 for one variable and solve





what is the length of an arc subtended by an angle of 1.25 radians in a circle with a diameter of 24 cm?​



15 cm.

Step-by-step explanation:

Recall that the arc-length of a circle is given by the formula:

[tex]\displaystyle s = r\theta[/tex]

Where r is the radius and θ is the measure of the central angle in radians.

The circle has a diameter of 24 cm, so its radius is 12 cm.

And its central angle is 1.25 radians. Hence, the arc-length will be:

[tex]\displaystyle s = \left(12\right)\left(1.25\right) = 15\text{ cm}[/tex]

In conclusion, the arc-length for a circle with a diameter of 24 cm subtended by a central angle of 1.25 radians is 15 cm.

88.98 to the nearest tenth​



89 is the answer

Step-by-step explanation:


= 89

9514 1404 393



Step-by-step explanation:

One way to round a number is to add half the place value you're rounding to, then truncate at the desired place value.

Here, we want to round to a tenth (0.1), so we first add half that value:

  88.98 + 0.05 = 89.03

Now, we throw away all digits after the tenths place.

  89.0 . . . . our rounded value

A new car has a list price of ​$28,500 . Suppose that the dealer markup on this car is 10%. What is the​ dealer's cost?


Answer: 25650

Step-by-step explanation: 10% of 28500 is well 2850


(if only i could get good rates on my car)

What is the best measurement to eastimate the volume of a juice box


1 : you would use a graduated cylinder . 2 : , you would use a yard stick or maybe a ruler if you are not able to find one. You can also use a meter stick.

Given a function described as the equation y = 4x - 4, what is y when x is 1, 2, and 3?​



f(1) = 0

f(2) = 4

f(3) = 8

Step-by-step explanation:

Substitute the values for the variable x.


When x= 1

y = 4(1) - 4

y = 0

when x = 2

y = 4(2) - 4

y = 4

when x = 3

y = 4(3) - 4

y = 8

divide write your answer in simplest form 2/3 divided by 1/4



8/3 or 2.6667

Step-by-step explanation:

when you divide fractions you use a technique called KCF

K = keep

C = change

F = flip

You write the equation [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] ÷ [tex]\frac{1}{4}[/tex]

you keep [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex]

you change the symbol, so from ÷ you change it to x

and flip the last fraction, so you would have  [tex]\frac{4}{1}[/tex]

then you solve it

[tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] x  [tex]\frac{4}{1}[/tex] = [tex]\frac{8}{3}[/tex]

The result of 2/3 divided by 1/4 in simplest form is 8/3 .

Division: It is one of the four basic mathematical operation, the other three being addition, subtraction, multiplication.

Given, division of [tex]\frac{2}{3}[/tex] by [tex]\frac{1}{4}[/tex].

Division of fractional terms:

[tex]=\dfrac{\frac{a}{b}}{\frac{c}{d}}\\= (a)\times(d)/(b)\times(c)[/tex]

Apply, division process of fractional terms.

[tex]=\dfrac{\frac{2}{4}}{\frac{1}{3}}\\ = (2)\times(4)/(1)\times(3)[/tex]

[tex]= \frac{8}{3}[/tex]

Know more about division,


(12m^7-36m) ÷6m
Please answer. Really need help


[tex]2 {m}^{8} - 6 {m}^{2} [/tex]

Step-by-step explanation:

[tex](12 {m}^{7} - 36m) \div 6m[/tex]

➡️ [tex] \frac{1 {2m}^{7} - 36m }{6} \times m[/tex]

➡️ [tex] \frac{6(2 {m}^{7} - 6m)}{6} \times m[/tex]

➡️ [tex](2 {m}^{7} - 6m)m[/tex]

➡️ [tex]2 {m}^{8} - 6 {m}^{2} [/tex]






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Model the situation.

The sum of two consecutive integers is 85. Find the integers that satisfy this condition.
Answer choices

A) 1 + 2 = 85

B) x+(x+1)=85

C) x+x=85

D) x+2x=85



Option B is correct

Step-by-step explanation:

Let the number be x

Second number = x + 1

Sum = 85

x + x + 1 = 85

2x + 1 = 85

2x = 85 - 1

2x = 84

x = 84/2 = 42

Numbers are 42 and 43


B) x+(x+1)=85

Step-by-step explanation:

Consecutive means in a row

Let x be the first integer

x+1 is the next integer

x+x+1 = 85

Evaluate the expression for the given values of the variables. x2 + 4(x − y) ÷ z2, for x = 8, y = 5, and z = 2



The answer is -624

Help me pleaseeee help help



Step-by-step explanation:

in a certain country, 40% of registered voters are reublicans, 45% are democrats, and 15% are indepdents. what is the probability that a randomly selected voter opposes the bill


15 percent is correct

Indicate which is the largest decimal in each of the following pairs.
0.0006 and 0.006



0.006 is the larger decimal


0.006 is the right answer

Step-by-step explanation:

Since (0.006) has the least amount of zeros after the decimal, it would be larger than the other decimal that has more zeros after the decimal.

1.2 hours in hours and minutes​



1 hour 12 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

1.2 × 60 = 72 minutes

72-60 = 12 minutes

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Answer: g(x) = (x+1)-3

Step-by-step explanation: Assuming you are moving from expression f to expression g, the plus one in the equation moves the vertex to the right one. subtracting three outside of the parenthesis moves the vertex down three, giving you a vertex of (1,-3). hope this helps!

A 45° angle is complementary to angle x. Which of the following equations represents this situation?​


Step-by-step explanation:

A 45° angle is complementary to angle


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28) Find the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 2.5 inches. (it = 3.14)


Answer: Circumference = 7.85 inches


Here, we need to know the idea of circumference.

The circumference is the perimeter of a circle. The perimeter is the curve length around any closed figure.

Circumference = 2πr

r = radius

π = constant


Given information

r = (1/2) d = (1/2) (2.5) = 1.25 inches

π = 3.14

Given formula

Circumference = 2πr

Substitute values into the formula

Circumference = 2 · (3.14) · (1.25)

Simplify by multiplication

Circumference = (2.5) · (2.14)

Circumference = [tex]\boxed {7.85 inches}[/tex]

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Step-by-step explanation:

Using the formulas



Solving forC


How do I do this, is the equation 40=ksqrt(65)?



Step-by-step explanation:

Start a little more generally. Carefully find k

distance = k * speed ^2      

112 = k*40^2

112 = k * 1600                     Divide by 1600

112/1600 = k

k = 0.07

Now do the question you are asked to do.

distance = k * speed^2

distance = 0.07 * 65^2

distance = 295.75

Now having done that, you can set up a proportion.

d1 / d2 = k speed1^2/kspeed2^2      Cancel the ks

112/d2 = 40^2 / 65^2                         Cross multiply

112 * 65^2 = 40^2 * d2                      Divide by 40^2

112 * 65^2/40^2 = d2                        Expand the squares

112 * 4225 / 1600 = d2

295.75 = d2    

The second way is shorter, but I suggest the long way until you get comfortable with it.


Look at the triangle below.

Which equation is equivalent to the law of cosines?











I believe the answer is B. a^2 = c^2 - 2cx + x^2 + h^2

Step-by-step explanation:

The law of cosines states: c^2 = a^2 + b^2 - 2bc * cos(C). If we plug in the values from the diagram, we'll have (c-x)^2 = a^2 + h^2 -2ah * cos(90)

cos(90) = 0, so now we have just (c-x)^2 = a^2 + h^2

Let's expand this to c^2 -2cx + x^2 = a^2 + h^2

Isolate a^2 and we now have a^2 = c^2 -2cx + x^2 + h^2

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Find the length of the third side. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth.



a = 6

Step-by-step explanation:

Since this is a right triangle, we can use the Pythagorean theorem

a^2+b^2 = c^2  where a and b are the legs and c is the hypotenuse

a^2 + 8^2 = 10 ^2

a^2 +64 = 100

a^2 = 100 -64

a^2 = 36

Take the square root of each side

sqrt(a^2) = sqrt(36)

a = 6

Can someone help me with an idea please? I need something like this for math and science week but i think my idea is really lame. It has to be a photograph and it can be physics, chemistry or math! Pls lmk your ideas cuz im running out of them



take a light bulb and a potato and some wires connect together will give light


i have attached a pic of an idea that might help you


Find the midpoint of the line segment with the given endpoints.
(-1, 5), (6,6)
A) (-3.5, -0.5)
C) (13,7)
B) (2.5, 5.5)
D) (2,6)


The answer should be (2,5) (11,2)

Identify the property that justifies each step asked about in the answer area below.
Line 1: (9+x)x
Line 2: x(9+x)
Line 3: x(x+9)


Line 1-Line 2-Associative property .

Line 2-Line 3- Distributive property


[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto (9+x)x[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x(x+9)[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x(9+x)[/tex]

[tex]\\ \rm\longmapsto x^2+9[/tex]

what is the solution of linear equation of cosx(e^2y-y)=e^y sin2x


This is college? Woah I'm not advanced. Middle school!

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