A room has to be painted and worker A does 1/3 of the work then leaves. Next worker B does 1/4 of the remaining work and then leaves and finally worker C does 1/5 of the remaining work and then leaves.
What fraction of the room still needs to be painted?


Answer 1
The Answer is C 13/60
Answer 2
S O L U T I O N :

Here, we are given that a room is painted by A, B and C so here three of them have done the work. So, we'll add all these fractions and assume the total work as 1 after that we will substract all the added ones from 1

Let us assume the room completely painted be 1


A has done 1/3, B has done 1/4 and C has done 1/5 work of the remaining

So, let us add them

A + B + C

⅓ + ¼ + ⅕

Getting the L.C.M. The L.C.M of 3,4,5 is 60

20/60 + 15/60 + 12/60


Hence, 47/60 room has been painted

Remaining to paint

Total is assumed as 1

Work done = 47/60

Fraction of room needs to painted = 1 - 47/60

(60 - 47)/60


13/60 of the room needs to be painted, OPTION C IS CORRECT

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Follow the instructions to find out what number you end up with.


Answer:   162.959



"Decrease the number by 4 tenths" means we're subtracting off 0.4"Increase the number by 8 thousandths" means we're adding 0.008"Increase the number by 2 tens" is the same as adding on 2*10 = 20

The changes of this number are


The overall net change is -0.4+0.008+20 = 19.608

We'll be adding this net change to the original number

143.351 + 19.608 = 162.959

This value is exact and hasn't been rounded.

What is 5 * 5 * 2 * 2 * 2 in standard form



50000 5000 200 20 2

Step-by-step explanation:

3 and (5 + 1 + 3)
What is the answer




Step-by-step explanation:

3(5+1+3) distribute

15+ 3+ 9 add


The graph of f(x) = 3x + 8 is shown.
Which statement is true?
O The function is only increasing when x2-8.
O The function is only increasing when x 20.
O The function is always decreasing.
O The function is always increasing.



the function is always increasing

Step-by-step explanation:

if you look at the graph, as x increases, y increases, no matter how small the increase

supposed f(x) = 2x+5 what is the value of -2f(x+1)? PLEASE THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION ILL GIVE A BRAINLIEST




Step-by-step explanation:








please inform if wrong

Answer: -2f(x + 1) = -4x - 14

f(x) = 2x + 5
f(x + 1) = 2x + 7
-2f(x + 1) = -2(2x + 7)
= -4x - 14

The net of a rectangular prism is shown below. What is the total surface area of this prism?

A. 112 cm²
B. 142 cm²
C. 105 cm²
D. 71 cm²


Answer:   142 cm^2  (choice B)



Think of unwrapping a present and doing so without any unnecessary tearing. That means there aren't any little small pieces thrown away. There are many ways to unwrap a 3D box, and this diagram shows one of many ways. This flat layout is the 2D version of the 3D surfaces.

To find the surface area of the 3D figure, we simply need to find the area of each rectangle in this 2D flat net. Once we know all the little areas, we add them up to get the surface area.


The lowest rectangle is 3 cm by 5 cm, so its area is 3*5 = 15 cm^2. Let A = 15 so we can use it later.

Let's move to the middle row of four rectangles. From left to right, we have these four rectangular areas

3*7 = 21 cm^25*7 = 35 cm^23*7 = 21 cm^25*7 = 35 cm^2

I'll call these results B,C,D,E in the order given above. So B = 21, C = 35, etc.

The rectangle up top has area of 3*5 = 15 cm^2. I'll let F = 15

Lastly, we'll add up the sub-areas to get the grand total

A+B+C+D+E+F = 15+21+35+21+35+15 = 142 cm^2 is the surface area


Another pathway to the answer:

If you can picture how this flat diagram would fold up, then you would see that we'd get a 3D block with the following dimensions

L = 7 cmW = 5 cmH = 3 cm

The order of L,W,H doesn't really matter.

Then we can use the 3D block surface area formula like so

SA = 2*(LW + LH + WH)

SA = 2*(7*5 + 7*3 + 5*3)

SA = 2*(35 + 21 + 15)

SA = 2*71

SA = 142 cm^2 is the surface area

As you can see from the third step, we have "35", "21" and "15" show up again. The 2 out front is because we have 2 copies of each item mentioned.

Ivan’s desserts made a batch of fresh scones with 4/5 of a pound of butter and 1/2 of a pound of sugar. How much more butter than sugar was used?


It should be about 3/10

What is 50 divided by 8?



6.25 or 6 2/8 or 6 R2

Step-by-step explanation:

Help please due today



Base: 24 and height:6

Step-by-step explanation:


Base: 24

Height: 6

Step-by-step explanation:

The question says a scale factor of 1/2 so divide by 2. It says scale back

so you know as well that your answer is going to get bigger.

Original Base = 48/2 or (48)x(1/2)

Original Height = 12/2 or (12)x(1/2)

find the value of a and b in (a,2)=(2,b)​



a=2 and b=2...............

find the value of xand y : x=2y and x+y=6​



y=2 x=4

Step-by-step explanation:

Substitute x with 2y so the second equation is 2y+y=6

Then simplify your new equation:



If y=2 and x=2( 2) then x=4

Let f be a function defined on the set of positive rational numbers with the property that f(a · b) = f(a) + f(b) for all positive rational numbers a and b. Suppose that f also has the property that f(p) = p for every prime number p. For which of the following numbers x is f(x) < 0?

a. 17/32
b. 11/16
c. 7/9
d. 7/6
e. 25/11


I most likely would say A.

1 year is what fraction of a decade?



It is 1/10

Step-by-step explanation:

One decade has 10 years

[tex]{ \sf{1 \: decade = 10 \: years}} \\ { \sf{ \frac{1}{10} \: decade = 1 \: year}}[/tex]


10% , 1/10, or 10/100

Step-by-step explanation:

There are 10 years in a decade

1/10 represents the 1 year out of the 10!

please answer this question​




Step-by-step explanation:

[tex]log(3x^{3}) - log(x^{2}) = log(\frac{3x^{3}}{x^{2}})\\log(27) - log(x) = log(\frac{27}{x} )\\[/tex]


[tex]\frac{3x^{3} }{x^{2} } = \frac{27}{x} \\3x=\frac{27}{x} \\3x^{2} =27\\x= +3\\x=-3[/tex]

however, since logarithms cannot have negative arguments, x can only be +3

i.e. log(-3) is impossible, and will return MATH ERROR on a calculator.

use the given sets to answer the following questions A=1,3,5,7 B=2,3,4,5,6,8 c=2,3,5 D=1,2,3,4,5,6,8


Step-by-step explanation:

Steps are in the picture above.

Write the equation in the point slope form for the line that contains the points (-2,-3), (4,3)



Answer is 4 I think!!

Answer is 3.5-3.7i don’t haven’t any clue to the Braine amd I don’t know!!!!!

DOPS Bookmarks
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The (Awesome) Coordinate Plane Activity
Quameer McCain
Target Practice #5
Enter an ordered pair below so that the point hits the
Press "Submit" to check the location of your point.
. (9,3)
• (-1, -8)


An ordered pair is simply the x-coordinate and the y-coordinate of a point.

The ordered pair of the bullseye is (4,-2.5)

From the given image (see attachment), we have:

[tex](x_1,y_1) = (9,3)[/tex]

[tex](x_2,y_2) = (-1,-8)[/tex]

The bullseye is at the midpoint of these two points.

So, the ordered pair of the bullseye is calculated using the following midpoint formula.

[tex](x,y) = (\frac{x_1+x_2}{2},\frac{y_1+y_2}{2})[/tex]

So, we have:

[tex](x,y) = (\frac{9-1}{2},\frac{3-8}{2})[/tex]

[tex](x,y) = (\frac{8}{2},\frac{-5}{2})[/tex]

[tex](x,y) = (4,-2.5)[/tex]

Hence, the ordered pair of the bullseye is (4,-2.5)

Read more about ordered pair at:


On a number line is 7/3 located between 2 and 3?


Answer: Yes it is.

Step-by-step explanation:

Mixed to proper

7/3 = 2 1/3

Which number is the largest?


54.895 is your answer



Step-by-step explanation:

hopes it's help you

(7 - 1) to the 2 power plus 2 and to the 4 power - 8


The answer is 56. work is shown below.

Step 1: apply 2nd power to everything inside parentheses

(7 - 1)² = 7² - 1²

Step 2: apply exponents (remember, exponents are a shorter way to express a number multiplied by itself a number of times).

1 x 1 = 1

7 x 7 = 49

Step 3: subtract

49 - 1 = 48

Step 4: apply exponent

2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = (2 x 2) x (2 x 2)

2 x 2 = 4

2 x 2 = 4

4 x 4 = 16

2⁴ = 16

Step 5: add

48 + 16 = 64

Step 6 (final step): subtract

64 - 8 = 56

final answer: 56

What is the equation of a line parallel to y=1/3x-4 that passes through (9,8)?


Step-by-step explanation:

Given line y=1/3x-4

slope of given line m=1/3

Slope of required line :


As lines are parallel then slope of lines are equal.

Using point slope form:







Note:if you need to ask any question please let me know.

Which of the following statements are true? Select all that apply. A. 1,000 is both a perfect square and a perfect cube. B. 27 is a perfect cube. C. 6 is neither a perfect square nor a perfect cube. D. 9 is a perfect cube. E. 36 is a perfect square.


B, C, and E are true




Step-by-step explanation:

Find the equation of the line with slope m
= -1/2 that contains the point (-10, 1).

In slope intercept form



y = - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] x - 4

Step-by-step explanation:

( [tex]x_{1}[/tex] , [tex]y_{1}[/tex] )

y -  [tex]y_{1}[/tex] = m ( x - [tex]x_{1}[/tex] )


m = - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex]

( - 10, 1 )

y - 1 = - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] [ x - ( - 10 )]

y - 1 =  - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] x + ( - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] )(10)

y = - [tex]\frac{1}{2}[/tex] x - 4

Solve using substitution.

6x + y = 7

8x + 9y = 17


Please help me I really need it


You take the first equation and make a value for y. So 6x + y =7 change it to :
y = -6x + 7
Now in the second equation replace the “y” with -6x +7 this is what it means to use substitution method . Your combined equation will now be :
8x + 9(-6x + 7) =17
Now do distributive property and you get :
8x + -54x +63 =17
Now combine like terms ;
-46x +63 =17
-46x =-46
x = 1
Now replace 1 for X value and we can get the value of Y .

Simplify addition radical expression





Step-by-step explanation:







find the length of BE BC=3x+47 DE=10 BD=x+27 CE=x+26




BC+ CE = BD + DE

(3x+47) + (x+26) = ( x+27) + (10)

4x + 73 = x + 37

4x – x = 37 – 73

3x = ‐ 36

x = – 36/ 3 —> x = 12

BC = 3x + 47 = 3(-12) + 47 = - 36 + 47 = 11

BD = x+ 27 = –12+27 = 15

CE = x + 26 = –12+26= 14


BE = BD+ DE = 15+ 10= 25

Or ;

BE= BC + CE = 11+ 14 = 25

I hope I helped you^_^

what is 0.4 repeating written as a fraction ​



0.4 as a fraction would be 2/5

Answer: 4/9

Step-by-step explanation:

What are the domain and range of the function below?

PLZ help me i hate algebra 2 and i started school last week



According to the graph the point (0, 4) is the maximum of the function.

So the domain:

x = [0, +∞)

The range:

y = (-∞, 4]

One week, Rachel earned $250. She spent $120 on food, $30 on miscellaneous items, and saved the rest.

If Rachel makes a pie chart showing how she spends her money, the central angle for the food sector would be __________.






250 is the total
120 is 48% of 250
A pie chart is a complete circle which is 360 degrees and 48% of 360 is 172.8 round that up to 173 degrees

The answer is 173

3.0040916 to the nearest hundred thousandth




Step-by-step explanation:

If you were to round it like this: 3.0041, the thousands place would still be 4, so it would come out to be 3.004. Hope that helps!!

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