33. Which event from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry best symbolizes the emotional strain caused by the South's segregated social system?
O Little Man's first day of school
O Jeremy Simms's Christmas visit
Stacey's reaction to T.J.'s cheating
Uncle Hammer's lecture to Stacey


Answer 1

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I believe "Little Man's first day of school," is the emotional strain here. At a very young age, he used to play with social differences and the unfortunate fate of social discrimination in which was hard to imagine and absorbed during those times. It created a world inside him with impaling dilemmas, silver tints of doubts, pain, and embarrassment.

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Answer 2


Little Man's first dat of school.


Little Man was very emotional when he saw what was in the school books. You could immediately tell how he felt towards the segregated world he was living in.

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